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DC12v Hydraulic Pump also called the 12-volt electric hydraulic pump, is a compact hydraulic power unit, most of the components to assemble a 12vdc Hydraulic Pump are a DC12v hydraulic pump motor with relay, a hydraulic gear pump, a hydraulic manifold end-head with valves, and a hydraulic tank reservoir whatever it is plastic or steel one.

If you’re looking for a reliable DC 12 volt hydraulic pump manufacturer to help your business in China,  you are in the right place.

Target DC12v Hydraulic Pumps can be used in many different applications, including Truck, Trailer, Material Handling, and other mobile dc12v hydraulic pump applications.

Target Hydraulics can help increase your dc hydraulic pump business from design/prototype, bulk order production, and ocean shipment to your warehouse. All 12-volt electric hydraulic pumps will be 100% tested by our hydraulic pump test bench before packing and delivery.

Some other customized hydraulic pump system requests are also available. such as a private label on your DC Hydraulic Pump, a special design machined hydraulic manifold block, a customized hydraulic valve in your hydraulic pump systems.

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12-volt hydraulic pump for dump trailer

Target Hydraulics offers you different designs of DC 12 volt electric hydraulic pumps. DC 12v hydraulic pump for dump trailer is a big market.The 12 volt single acting hydraulic pump and 12v double acting hydraulic pump are very common electric hydraulic pump for dump trailer.

Most of the 12-volt dc hydraulic pump for dump trailer operated by a 2 buttons remote pendant with cables.

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12 volt single acting hydraulic pump

Target 12 volt single acting hydraulic pumps are easy to assembly and troubleshooting. It complete with a 12v hydraulic pump motor, a dump hydraulic pump, a dump trailer hydraulic reservoir, and a hydraulic block manifold with valves. The 12v hydraulic pump single acting is power up gravity down hydraulic pump.

Target Hydraulics can offer your all 12 volt single acting hydraulic pump components if you want assembly and test in your hydraulic power unit manufacturer.


12v double acting hydraulic pump

DC 12-volt hydraulic pump for hydraulic tipper pumps including 12v double acting hydraulic pump and 12 volt single acting hydraulic pump.

The 12v double acting hydraulic pump is power up gravity down hydraulic cylinder pump, it can be used for your dual ram dump tipper trailers or your double-acting hydraulic cylinder equipment. Both OEM&ODM orders are available.

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What is your 12-volt hydraulic pump unit motor size?

DC12v hydraulic pump motor size from 350w to 2.2kw for trailer application. Up to 4.0kw with other different applications.

What is your DC hydraulic pump max pressure?

Target Hydraulics design and manufacture the DC hydraulic pump with max pressure 3200PSI/210bar(21Mpa).

What is your 12 volt electric hydraulic pump max flow?

DC 12v Hydraulic pump flow comes from the motor multiplied by pump speed and load from the complete hydraulic system.
Our 12v DC hydraulic pump flow range is about 1-15LPM.

What kind of hydraulic tank reservoir you can offer?

Both Steel and Plastic tank reservoir is available for electric hydraulic pump.
Steel tank can be round and square, Plastic tank normally is square one.

How to operate these DC hydraulic pump units?

DC 12 volt electric hydraulic pumps are battery-operated hydraulic power pack. They can be operated cable with buttons remote.

What should we do if we want get customized hydraulic pump system?

Please send us your hydraulic circuit/schematics first, we also need to know your motor/pump/tank specs.

Target Hydraulics is your Professional 12-volt hydraulic pump Supplier in China!

When you are in need of 12-volt dc hydraulic pumps, Target Hydraulics is your source for reliable information and an exact match of the supplier. You can depend on us to make sure you have the right 12v hydraulic pump for your application and get it to you quickly.

Target Hydraulics has a known reputation for speedy service and providing quality hydraulic products. We have a complete inventory of hydraulic hoses, fittings, valves, cylinders, motors, and pumps that are always available to serve industrial and hydraulic companies all over the world.

Target Hydraulics can turn your idea for a machine into reality with our design, fabrication, and commissioning services with more than 5000sqm facility and warehouse that always help running your business high efficiency.

All DC12v single-acting hydraulic pump components are designed by 3D software to ensure your project. Your Clients will be satisfied with our customized packing and label for your 12v hydraulic pump Brand.

Target Hydraulics team can provide solutions to handle all your 12v hydraulic pump needs with over 10 years of hydraulic products manufacturing experience, at the same time with 24 hours no-stop CNC machine department that can help your 12 v hydraulic pump and ram samples delivery very quick.

Target Hydraulics offers you OEM and ODM service products and 100% with hydraulic oil pressure test before your 12vdc hydraulic pump delivery.


Join our satisfied customers and see why they trust our process with their critical hydraulic repair needs. Every team member of Target Hydraulics is committed to putting your needs first by delivering the highest quality standards, industrial hydraulic repairs, at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.
Our ability to provide cooperative solutions at a reasonable price has resulted in continued growth and wide acceptance in the marketplace.
Make Target Hydraulics a primary contact for your dump truck electric hydraulic pump and all 12v hydraulic pump requirements.


DC 12V hydraulic pump FAQ


A 12 volt electric hydraulic pump is a mechanical system that transforms hydraulic energy power into mechanical power. To overcome pressure caused by the load from the hydraulic system, it generates hydraulic oil flow with adequate strength.

It serves two functions while a dc hydraulic pump runs. First, the hydraulic gear pump produces a vacuum at the suction inlet of the pump that allows the air pressure to push the hydraulic oil liquid through the inlet suction filter of the pump from the hydraulic tank reservoir. Second, this liquid is transmitted to the pump outlet by its mechanical action which drives it into your hydraulic systems such as hydraulic dump trailer cylinders.

12-volt hydraulic pumps

A mechanical power source that converts hydraulic energy power into mechanical power is a 12-volt DC hydraulic pump (hydrostatic energy i.e. flow, pressure). It creates flow with sufficient strength in order to overcome pressure induced by the load at the pump outlet. As a 12-volt DC motor runs, it creates a vacuum at the pump inlet that moves hydraulic oil liquid from the hydraulic oil tank along the inlet line to the pump and sends this hydraulic oil liquid by mechanical action to the pump outlet and drives it into the hydraulic systems.

How 12-volt dc hydraulic pump works

In order to transfer energy from one electrical power to another motion, a 12-volt hydraulic system uses sealed fluid and then produces other different motions, such as linear motion, rotary motion, or force. The hydraulic power unit (12-volt hydraulic pump) provides the hydraulic power that is required for this fluid transfer.

DC motor powered by battery, the gear pump suction hydraulic oil from hydraulic tank reservoir, powered hydraulic oil fluid goes into hydraulic central manifold bock, pressure over check valve cracking pressure and then move the hydraulic cylinder. System pressure higher than check valve cracking pressure. It will open the relief valve setting pressure when the cylinder is fully open. The electrical power was changed to linear motion.

12-volt hydraulic pump parts

What are the main items of the 12-volt hydraulic pump?

There would be various design features distinct from a traditional pumping system for a massive, robust hydraulic power unit. But the 12 volt hydraulic pump is a very simple hydraulic system. The main items are:

  • Hydraulic central manifold: These are containers to which hydraulic actuators may be connected. They also gather DC motors, gear pumps, and hydraulic oil tanks. most of the hydraulic valves also mounting in this hydraulic component.
  • 12v hydraulic pump motor: A 12v hydraulic power unit will be fitted with a DC12v hydraulic pump motor with a start relay. Normally this kind of DC motor is S3 work duty, can not work for a long time. only mins.
  • Tanks: A hydraulic power pack tank is a holding unit built to have ample capacity to pump the fluid in the pipes into it. Similarly, actuator fluid can need to flow into the tank often. And it can make oil heat exchange and release air from hydraulic oil.
  • Filters: Usually, a filter is mounted on top of the tank if it is a big hydraulic power unit, but 12-volt electric hydraulic pump is a small hydraulic power unit, so, the filter is just in the gear pump suction pipe. It will help your hydraulic system clean, to make sure all your hydraulic components can work stable.
  • Coolers and Heaters: An air cooler should be mounted in a hydraulic power unit to keep temperatures from rising above operating parameters. Similarly, as the DC 12v hydraulic pump motor is an S3 work duty compact hydraulic power unit, it does not design with coolers or heaters, its’ tank will make oil cool.
  • Remote control switch: The operation of the 12v hydraulic pump are some wire remote control switch.12v hydraulic pump single-acting complete with 3 wire dump trailer remote control switch and 12 volt double-acting hydraulic pump comes with  4 wire dump trailer remote control switch.

central hydraulic manifold block


What should we know about the 12-volt dc hydraulic pump?

Hydraulic pumps are widely used in practically any single hydraulic power transfer scheme. The device which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic power energy, which is a combination of hydraulic pressure and flow, is a hydraulic pump. Any system you can input force to which in turn produces flow can be a hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic pumps are used more prolifically for mobile applications than by industrial equipment since electric actuators are usually not used by mobile machinery.

You will also need to know about the operating temperature of the dc hydraulic pump.

Operating temperatures and pressure

If temperatures are more to the top, such as below -20 ° C and over 60 ° C, with pressures above 250 bar, it would be necessary to stop your 12v hydraulic pump stop.

What are the Benefits of dc 12-volt hydraulic pump?

In a tiny box, DC electric hydraulic power units pack can supply a lot of power. On dump trucks, stackers, snowplows, forklifts, and hundreds of other applications that include a self-contained, mobile hydraulic power pack, these 12-volt electric hydraulic pumps are widely used. These small electric hydraulic pumps & power units have been engineered for years to weather harsh conditions and provide consistent efficiency.

Small size big power supply and quiet.

Same output smaller input than others.


Types of 12-volt electric hydraulic pump

There are many different types of 12 volt electric hydraulic pumps:

12v hydraulic pump single acting and 12v hydraulic pump double acting are the most common DC 12v hydraulic power units. Some others are also available such as dual double acting hydraulic pump,4xdouble acting hydraulic pump,etc

What are dc hydraulic pump applications?

Here list some of DC 12-volt hydraulic pump applications:

Car carriers and lorries

The Platforms

dump trailer hydraulic pump

Vans of Television

Hydraulic Compact Machines

Wheelchair lift on the bus

Pallet/truck lifters

Trolleys operated by battery

The Hydraulic Hoppers


What Kind of Hydraulic Fluid Oil Should Be Used?

If picked hydraulic oil correctly, the hydraulic oil would prolong the life of your hydraulic system and reduce the net operating costs.

Today, there a wide number of hydraulic oils with varying price points are on the market.

You must determine whether the viscosity( (VG)) can be correctly used to fulfill the specifications of your hydraulic system pump in order to choose some hydraulic fluid. The various oil viscosity amounts will be suggested by the oil manufacturers. This would be important to various kinds of pump forms.

Piston pumps: between 10 and 160 CST

Pumps for Vane: 14-160 CST.

Gear pumps: CST 10-300.

DC12v hydraulic pump hydraulic system normally works with a gear pump,so, it is easy to get correct hydraulic oil. normally summer is 46#, winter is 32#.

Another important characteristic to consider

You must ensure that the hydraulic oil is properly cooled in order for your hydraulic power pack to work more effectively and last for a longer time. Sometimes you should mount a hydraulic oil cooler with your hydraulic pump systems if your hydraulic system is a longtime running system.

DC hydraulic pump work duty is a short time (S3), so, it is no need to come with a cooler.

So, keep your hydraulic system and hydraulic oil clean all the time is very important.


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