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12V Hydraulic Power Unit

Target Hydraulics is Your professional 12V Hydraulic Power Unit Manufacturer & Supplier from China!

  • More than 10 years of experience in 12V DC Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 12 volt hydraulic power unit double acting and single acting all are available
  • 3D&2D drawing design service for your new Power Unit projects

Your DC 12V Hydraulic Power Units Manufacturer and Supplier in China!

Target 12 volt hydraulic power unit including many options, such as 12 volt hydraulic power unit double acting,12 volt dc hydraulic power unit single acting. Both Standard and Customized hydraulic power units are available as Ningbo Target hydraulics is your professional hydraulic power unit manufacturer.

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Hydraulic Power Units By Voltage

AC Power Pack Hydraulic Pump

Both 120v double acting hydraulic power units and 220v hydraulic power unit are AC Hydraulic Power Units. They come with a single-phase AC voltage motor. Both  of them are single phase hydraulic power units.

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12v dc power pack pump -370x370

Target Hydraulics offers you ODM&OEM service from hydraulic power unit 3D drawing design, hydraulic block manifold customized production, and  All your DC power units will be 100% tested with our DC hydraulic power unit test bench before delivery.

dc power pack pump

Target can offer you DC 12 volt hydraulic power unit double acting and single acting hydraulic power unit. They are designed for double and single-acting cylinders. You will get a hydraulic power pack unit material check list drawing before you send us your official order.

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12V Hydraulic Power Units By Functions

  • DC12v single acting hydraulic power unit
    DC12v Single Acting Hydraulic Power Unit

    Target Hydraulics offer you many kinds of DC12v single acting hydraulic power units with different components, such as hydraulic pumps,valves and plastic tank, steel tank as an option.



  • snow plow 12v dc hydraulic power unit
    Snow Plow 12v DC Hydraulic Power Unit

    Target Hydraulics can provide you snow plow hydraulic power unit.

    Snow plow 12v dc hydraulic power units were designed for snow plow application.



  • 12v hydraulic power unit double acting
    12v Hydraulic Power Unit Double Acting

    Target Hydraulics offers you different designs of 12 volt DC hydraulic power unit double-acting.Such as 12v dc power unit double acting with a CETOP03 solenoid valve or 2 cartridge solenoid valves.



12V Hydraulic Power Unit Applications

  • dump trailer power unit

    DC 12-volt hydraulic power unit double-acting for dump trailer applications

    This HPU hydraulic power unit was designed for double acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer which works with double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

  • Snow Plow 12v dc Hydraulic Power Unit 370

    Most of the snow plow 12v dc hydraulic power units were designed to operate 2 hydraulic cylinders.

    A double-acting cylinder angles the plow while a single acting hydraulic cylinder provides lift, hold, lower, and floating functions.

  • 12v Power Unit for Telescopic Cylinder
    12v Power Unit for Telescopic Cylinder

    dc 12v hydraulic units for telescopic cylinder dump trailer are single-acting function.

    Most of the dc hydraulic power units work with a 2 buttons remote pendant and 12v battery with cables.

Design 12v Hydraulic Power Unit

Target Hydraulics use latest 3D drawing software to design Hydraulic Power Pack Unit and systems.

  • Experience hydraulic engineers
  • Latesd 3D drawing software
  • Professional Hydraulic Units system design
  • 3D&2D free deisgn for your 12V Hydraulic Power Unit
12v hydraulic power unit design
hydraulic valve machining-570x360-

Hydraulic Components Production

Target Hydraulics is your DC12v Hydraulic Power Units Components Production Expert in China.

DC 12V Hydraulic Power Unit Components were manufactured by Target Hydraulics.

  • Hydraulic Power Unit Casting Manifold
  • Hydraulic power pack solenoid valves
  • Hydraulic central manifold endheads

Hydraulic Power Units Assembly

Target Hydraulics team assembly hydraulic power units

  • Single and double action
  • DC hydraulic power unit
  • AC hydraulic power unit

You can also get all hydraulic components if you want to assembly the DC hydraulic unit system by your side.

12v hydraulic power unit assembly

Hydraulic Power Units Test and Delivery

power pack hydraulic pump test bench
power pack hydraulic pump packing

DC12v hydraulic power units are easy to design and manufacture. Your power units hydraulic system will be 100%  pressure test before delivery.

Let’s service your hydraulic power unit business today!


12v hydraulic power unit shipping

More Detailes about 12V Hydraulic Power Unit

Data Sheet






Target Hydraulics is your expert manufacturer of DC 12v Hydraulic Power Units in China.

You can get any type of  DC hydraulic power unit from Target Hydraulics. Whatever it is a single-acting (power up/gravity down) or a double-acting(power up/power down)DC 12v hydraulic power unit. We can also offer you the dc 24v hydraulic power units.

It’s a safe power sourcing as the 12V Hydraulic Power Unit is a  battery-operated hydraulic power pack unit.DC12v hydraulic power unit also called 12-volt dc hydraulic power pack, is a self-contained hydraulic unit system, most of them complete with a 12v hydraulic pump motor, a power pack pump, manifold block systems, and a hydraulic tank reservoir.

DC hydraulic power units are widely used in mobile hydraulic systems. All  12v hydraulic power units designed with a 12v hydraulic pump motor, gear pump, hydraulic manifold system, and hydraulic tank.

Target Hydraulics is also in the business of supplying different hydraulic components to dc hydraulic power unit manufacturers and other retailers who deal in various kinds of DC hydraulic power units and hydraulic components.  Target Hydraulics is here to meet your product’s demands and delivers on time.

You can also get your private label on your 12v dc hydraulic power unit if you can send us your LOGO and label request. Your private label can be on the 12v dc power unit hydraulic tank or packing boxes.



What is your hydraulic pump displacements

Target Hydraulics offers hydraulic pumps with the Group0.5 and Group1.0 series gear pumps. Displacement up to 8.0cc/r.

What Kind of Motors mount with 12v hydraulic power unit?

12v DC hydraulic power unit normally DC motors are short-time work duty. Their work duty is S2 or S3.

What size of hydrauic reservoir you suuply?

Ningbo Target Hydraulics supplies you  12v hydraulic power units with the hydraulic reservoir from 1L up to 30L, or even more.


Waht Kind of Hydraulic tanks do you use on hydraulic power unit?

Ningbo Target Hydraulics uses Steel and Plastic reservoir tanks on HPU.


How much pressure your hyd power units setting?

Both 3200PSI and 180bar are our standard. We can also offer you custom hydraulic power units pressure settings.

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