12v hydraulic pump single acting

12v Hydraulic Pump Single Acting Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics is Your Best Supplier of DC12v hydraulic pump single acting in China!

  • Designing Mini Power Packs
  • Manufacturing DC Hydraulic Pumps
  • AC&DC hydraulic pump single acting

Your Professional hydraulic pump single acting Factory and Supplier in China.

Ningbo Target Hydraulics is your reliable hydraulic components supplier. We offer you high-quality dc12v hydraulic pump single acting and double acting. There are many different industrial applications for hydraulic pump unit systems.

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Different Hydraulic Pumps

12v dc hydraulic pump motor combo
DC Power Packs

dc12v hydraulic pump motor combo is the most common electrical hydraulic pump system. They come with dc motor, hydraulic gear pump, and some other hydraulic components such as a hydraulic oil tank ,hydraulic manifold blocks, some hydraulic valves.

double acting hydraulic pump -ac power pack
AC Power Packs

Hydraulic AC power packs are widely used in industrial applications. They are designed with AC voltage electric power supply, so, they can work with AC motors. Some of them are designed with standard B14 flange mounted AC motors, It is easy to find flange type AC motors from your local market.

12v DC single acting hydraulic pump for dump trailer
Single Acting Hydraulic Pump

Dump trailers and forklifts are very common applications of DC12 voltage hydraulic pumps. Most of them are designed and manufactured with single-acting hydraulic pump schematics. They work Power up/gravity down.

12v hydraulic pump single acting

DC voltage hydraulic pump packs are designed for mobile hydraulic applications. So, they are also called mobile hydraulic power packs. Some of them are double acting hydraulic pumps, Power Up/power down hydraulic systems.Some of others are single acting,power up/gravity down hydraulic pumps.

DC 12v Power Pack Hydraulic Pumps

Target Hydraulics products are used in different hydraulic applications. Electric dump pump is the most popular application. They complete with a dc motor, hydra-gear pump, and some valves that are assembly in center hydraulic block manifolds, also a button remote and cable.

12 volt hydraulic pump for bale bed

DC hydraulic pumps are most work with mobile hydraulic applications, so, the mounting size is very compact. That is why compact size power packs are designed with such small sizes. They are designed and manufactured for mini and compact mounting size.

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12v Hydraulic Pump Single Acting Components

Trade Show

Ningbo Target Hydraulics always talks with clients face to face. We attend different trade shows every year.

  • PTC ASIA Show
  • Bauma Show
  • Overseas exhibitions.
Ningbo Target participates in PTC ASIA 2021
hydraulic power unit manifold design

12v Hydraulic Pump Manifolds Design

Target Hydraulics work with 3D software design hydraulic block manifolds

  • Check Functions
  • Quality check
  • Dimensions analysis

12v Hydraulic Pumps Design

Target Hydraulics design hydraulic pump units with 3D and 2D software

  • Auto-CAD
  • Solidworks
  • UG
design hydraulic power pack
cartridge valve grounding

Hyd Pump Valves Manufacturing

Different types of cartridge valves on hydraulic pump units:

  • Screw-in Check Valves
  • Cartridge relief valve for hyd pumps
  • hydraulic power pack solenoid valve

Hydraulic Pump Manifold Machining

We can machine all types of aluminum blocks and manifolds

  • hydraulic pump units manifold
  • Die-casting center endhead housing
  • endhead plate
Hydraulic power pack Manifold Machining
Anodic oxidation of aluminum blocks

Aluminum Blocks Anodizing

Different colors of aluminum anodizing.

  • Blue Aluminum Manifold
  • Red Aluminum Blocks
  • Aluminum Natural color

12v Hydraulic Pump Assembly

Both 12volt hydraulic pump single acting and double acting are available for your business.

  • Hydraulic pump sample assembly by manual
  • Bulk hydraulic pump orders by production line
  • Test hydraulic pump with test bench



The dump trailer power unit is being assembled
hydraulic power pack unit test bench

Hydraulic Pump Testing

Target Hydraulics Test Bench build with latest electrical-hydraulic technology.

  • DC12v Hydraulic Pump
  • Single Acting and Double Acting
  • Pressure and Flow Curve
  • Hydraulic Pump Test Data Record


Your DC12v Hydraulic Pump Single Acting Manufacturer and Supplier!

DC hydraulic pump single acting Complete Packing
Dump trailer power unit delivered

Your professional hydraulic pump units supplier can help your project from an idea to a product.

Ask Target Hydraulics and get your dc12v hydraulic power pack pump price now!

Q: What are your manufacturing capabilities for hydraulic products?

We sell our hydraulic power units to USA,Canada,Germany,Poland,UK,Australia and many more countries.

Our hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic valve manifold blocks are widely used in DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power units, and hydraulic manifold designs.

Q: How does the Target Hydraulics team provide customers with 24/7 technical support?

All our sales people are trained by engineers regarding typical questions and quality check problems.

Our Target Hydraulics team offers 24/7 online contact via email for sales and service.

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