24 Volt Hydraulic Power Units

24 Volt Hydraulic Power Unit Manufacturer in China

The 24-volt hydraulic power unit is designed with a steel reservoir. Commonly, these power units are powered using a 24v electric power supply. It is typically composed of components such as valves, motors, tanks, and more. Additionally, a check valve and pressure relief valve with a 2000PSI pressure rating are installed to ensure safety and improved performance.

At Target Hydraulics, we offer 24-volt hydraulic power units that are suitable for both single or double-acting cylinders. We can also customize the 24-volt power units according to your specifications. Each power unit with 24 volts is assembled in our factory with great workmanship and high quality. If you need a 24-volt hydraulic unit supplier, Target Hydraulics is your best choice. Send us your inquiries today!

Double-Acting 24V Mobile Hydraulic Units
Double-Acting 24V Mobile Hydraulic Units

These are compact 24-volt hydraulic units with double-acting function and 200 bar maximum flow rate.

180 Bar 7L 24V Power Units
180 Bar 7L 24V Power Units

We offer 24V power units with a 180 bar maximum pressure rating, 7L tank capacity, and a 3.15cc pump.

Single-Acting 7L 24V Power Units
Single-Acting 7L 24V Power Units

Our single-acting 7L 24V power unit features horizontal mounting and two detachable pendant buttons.

120 Bar 24V Mobile Hydraulic Units

The 120 bar 24v mobile hydraulic unit features up to 12L maximum flow rate and 25L tank size.

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Our 24-volt hydraulic power units are designed with features such as:

  • Heavy-duty DC 24V Electric Motor
  • Steel reservoir
  • Adjustable relief
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Reliable gear pump
  • Solenoid Switch (24V)
  • NPT Ports


We provide 24-volt hydraulic power units that are capable of providing hydraulic power to equipment including:

  • Cranes
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Booms
  • Bulldozers
  • Agricultural equipment, and more
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