3-Phase Hydraulic Power Pack

What is a 3-Phase Hydraulic Power Pack?

A hydraulic pack that requires a three-phase alternating current electrical power supply is called a 3-phase hydraulic pack. These power packs are mainly used for providing machinery and equipment with the necessary power to operate. Commonly, a power pack with a three-phase AC power supply is composed of a hydraulic reservoir, motor, and more components.

At Target Hydraulics, we offer a wide range of three-phase hydraulic packs including single-acting and double-acting. If you need a reliable 3-phase hydraulic pack supplier, Target Hydraulics is your best choice. Do you have unique needs for a specific application? We have custom three-phase power to meet your special requirements. Please contact us today!

240V Single-Acting Three-Phase Power Pack

These power packs are ideal for industrial tooling applications due to their improved flow and internal safety valve features.

415V 3-Phase Double-Acting

Our 415V 3-phase double-acting power packs are designed with double-acting solenoid, gear pump with 0.75cc, and 200bar pressure.

2-Speed Three-Phase Hydraulic Power Pump

We offer a 3-phase hydraulic power pump with 2 speeds, adjustable pressure, safety pressure, and oil reservoir to ensure strength.

185Bar 3 Point Hydraulic Power Pack

Target Hydraulic offers 185Bar 3-Point Hydraulic Power Pack that is used for small motors, benders, conveyors, punches, and more applications.

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Applications of 3-Phase Hydraulic Packs

Target Hydraulic 3-phase hydraulic units are widely used for different applications such as agricultural equipment, machine tools, marine equipment, and meat processing machines. It is also ideal for industrial equipment, mill machinery, and construction equipment.

Aside from that, our 3-phase power units are used for automation machines, theatrical, and production equipment. These are also suitable for equipment used in different industries such as government or military, aerospace, and subsea.

Features of Our 3-Phase Hydraulic Packs

  • Motor on/off switch
  • Carrying handles
  • Oil level gauge
  • Oil filler
  • Two-stage displacement
  • Solenoid or manually operated


Our 3-phase hydraulic power pack offers several advantages including:

  • Low leakage
  • Long life
  • Low failure rate
  • Excellent commutation frequency
  • Increased commutation sensitivity
  • Robust construction
  • Low noise

Technical Specifications

Working Pressure Rating Max. 700Bar
Flow Rate Ranges from 1.2LPM up to 200LPM
Reservoir Tank Capacity 1.5L up to 2000L
Electric Motor 0.5HP up to 30HP
Valves Directional, pressure relief, etc.
Voltage AC: 110V, 220V, 380V, 415V, customized

DC: 12V, 24V, 48V, customized

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