48V DC Hydraulic Power Units

Professional 48V DC Hydraulic Power Units

Target Hydraulics offers 48-volt DC hydraulic power units with single-acting or double-acting cylinders. It can provide the necessary hydraulic power using its 48v electric motor power supply. The motor of these power units is suitable for intermittent usage. Therefore, it can be used for applications with 10-minute identical sequence duration.

Our 48-volt DC hydraulic power unit comes with 1.6kW direct current 48v electric motor. It also has other components such as filler breather, oil conveyor, suction strainer, and more. At Target Hydraulics, we are committed to bringing 48-volt DC hydraulic units that are custom-designed to fully meet your specific requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

Small 48-Volt DC Hydraulic Power Units

We designed small 48v DC hydraulic units with high performance stability, reversing valve, and over pressure protection.

Mobile Portable 48-Volt Hydraulic Power Units

Our mobile portable 48v power unit offers low noise and long service life. It is widely used for agricultural, construction, and more equipment.

48V Hydraulic Power Unit for Dump Trailer

Target Hydraulics manufacture 48V hydraulic unit that is specifically designed for dump trailer applications. It features 20Mpa pressure and 4kW power.

Forklift 48V Hydraulic Power Units

Rest assured that our 48v hydraulic units are capable of powering equipment such as forklift to operate its different functions.

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Features of Our 48-Volt DC Hydraulic Power Units

These power units are designed with advantageous features including:

  • 200 Bar maximum pressure rating
  • 5L/min maximum flow rate
  • Adjustable relief valve
  • 2 detachable pendant buttons
  • Gear pump with 2.1cc/rev
  • 5L reservoir capacity
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