Agricultural Hydraulic Power Units

Product Name agricultural power units
Oil port thread BSPP3/8” and more options
Remote control Electrical control.
 Electric Motor  DC Motor,Power up to 4Kw
Gear Pump From 0.35cc/r to 8.0cc/r
Working Pressure up to 250bar,setting @180bar
Tank/Reservoir From 1L up to 100L
Flow L/M From 3L/M up to 25L/M
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

In agricultural production, agricultural machinery bring much convenience to us to improve our production efficiency. Agricultural power units can’t be ignored, because the agricultural power packs and hydraulic pump are able to meet the different needs of agricultural production with a flexible configuration. Tractor hydraulics including hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power unit ,hydraulic motor and agricultural hydraulic cylinders .
farm machine

There are so many agricultural equipment applications of farm machine power units, and two of them will be introduced as follows.

1) Farm Baler
With the help of hay baler power pack, the hay can be easily baled in the farm baler with wireless remote control or button remote control, when the tractor is moving.
farm baler

And the bale can be also placed in the bale bed by the processing of the double acting hydraulic power unit which operating double acting hydraulic cylinder .
bale bed

2) Tractor Dump Trailer

As the important member of the farm vehicle, tractors can achieve different required functions by combining with a variety of different accessories. The tractor tipping trailer is one of the tractor accessories, which can greatly increase the carrying ability of the tractor. And, with the dump function of the farm machine power pack, the tractor trailer can easily unload the agricultural fertilizers, and etc.

tractor tipping trailer

Agricultural hydraulics are becoming more and more common in these days,hydraulic controls for tractors,trailers,and also a lot of different types of hydraulic pumps /small hydraulic motor powered hydraulic cylinder that on hydraulic agriculture tractor ,agricultural equipment. All of those hydraulic system components make hydraulic farming easy.


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