Lift Table Power Units

Lift Table Power Units

  • Lift Table Power Units Descriptions

Lift Table Power Units are wide used for hydraulic lifts, material lift, small scissor lift applications. Which normally are power up/gravity down single acting hydraulic cylinder application ,some of them are also for power up/power down double acting cylinder function.

lift table hydraulic power unit circuit 101 lift table hydraulic power unit circuit 108

hydraulic lift tables come with ac hydraulic power units , scissor lifts and a table. Target Hydraulics manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Units for different kind of Lift Table Power Units. Such as AC/DC Power Unit, electric scissor lift Power Unit, mobile scissor lift DC power pack and so much more different sizes,power,voltage hydraulic power pack unit.

  • Lift Table Power Units Components

lift table hydraulic power unit

Lift Table Power Units build up with a high pressure gear pump that power up hydraulic cylinder with high pressure hydraulic oil, single phase or three phase electric motor, a aluminum Central Manifold which hold all of hydraulic cartridge valves, and also connect motor , hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir tank  together. Our hydraulic reservoir can be plastic or steel, mounting position can be vertical or horizontal/level .

Power Unit outside dimensions

DC Hydraulic Power Unit Material List
1 1 Centermanifold TGT‐S01‐001 1 Oil Port G3/8“
2 2 Check Valve TCV2‐08 1 Ball Type
3 3 Relief Valve TRV‐08 1 Direct
4 4 Oil Port Plug 5/16‐24 1 5/16‐24UNF
5 5 Cloupling C46 1 46mm
6 6 Suction Pipe  ZG3/8‐90° 1 Steel
7 7 Filter F65 1
8 8 DC Motor Starter  DC1261 1  DC12V
9 9 DC Motor DM1204 1 DC12v 2.0KW
10 10 Gear Pump  GP‐F203.2 1 3.2cc/r
11 11 Throttle Valve  TV‐M12X1 1  M12x1
12 12 O‐ring 105×5 1  for Tank Seal
13 13 Plastic Tank PT‐120‐11L 1 11L
14 14 Return Pipe  RP‐G1/4‐90° 1
15 15 Motor Cover MC002 1 Brand Logo
16 16 Cable 16FC 1
17 17 2/2 NC Solenoid Valve TSV2‐08‐2NCP 1 without Override
18 18 Coil for 8# Valve  C‐08‐12 1 DC12V
19 19 Lock Remote Pendant LRP03 1 1  Singgle/Double Acting
20 20 3 wires Control Cable 4M‐3CC 1  1 3 wires,Length 4M
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