Bi Rotational Hydraulic Pump

Product NameBi Rotational Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Power UnitBi Rotational Power Unit
Motor VoltageDC12V/DC24V
Motor Power500W,800W
Bidirectional gear pump0.19cc/r  to 2.0cc/r
Working Pressureup to 210bar/3200PSI
Tank/Reservoirfrom 1L up to 5L
Oil Connection PortSAE4# or G1/4
MountingHorizontal/ vertical

The Target  Bi- Directional Hydraulic Power Pack Unit can directly drive double-acting cylinder with Bi-Rotational Hydraulic Pump instead of the directional solenoid valve. It greatly simplifies the structure of the central block, making the power unit more compact and portable. The bi- rotational hydraulic power pack allows the double-acting cylinder to stay in any position with the effect of the check valves in both sides, and the relief valves keep the cylinder safe when processing.


Each Bi- Directional hydraulic power pack contains a dual pilot operated check valve to hold the hydraulic system load as well as an adjustable relief valve on each A and B pressure lines.


Under the perfect combination of bi-directional gear pump, motor, oil Tank, relief valves and etc., the bi- rotational hydraulic power pack plays a vital part in many field, such as marine, industrial manufacture, vehicle maintenance.

Target Hydraulic provide various hydraulic components to meet customers’ requirements.


Bi-Directional Power Unit Drawing

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