AC 230v hydraulic pump for car lift Manufacturer Supplier of China

Car Lift Hydraulic Pump Factory and Supplier!

hydraulic power pack for car lift applications

  • AC220v hydraulic pumps
  • car lift hydraulic pump 110v
  • 3hp hydraulic power unit
  • Other Hydraulic Components

Your Professional Chinese Car Lift Hydraulic Pumps Manufacturer and Supplier

Ningbo Target Hydraulics is a professional car lift hydraulic pump and replacement manufacturer and supplier in China.


AC110,AC230V and AC380v hydraulic power pack unit for car lift

hydraulic pump for car lift

car lift hydraulic pump 110v

AC110v car lift hydraulic pump

2 post car lift hydraulic pump

220VAC hydraulic pump

380v car lift hydraulic power pump

AC380v hydraulic power pump

3hp hydraulic power unit manufacturer and supplier.

2 post car lift hydraulic power units

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Trade Show

Ningbo Target Hydraulics always talks with clients face to face. We attend different trade shows every year.

  • PTC
  • Bauma
  • etc
Ningbo Target participates in PTC ASIA
die-casting center manifold blocks for car lift

Casting Manifold

Ningbo Target die-casting center manifold blocks for car lift

  • Italian style manifold
  • American style block for car lift
  • Aluminum Casting Blocks



CNC Turning

Target Hydraulics CNC turning machine used for valves and center manifold blocks.

  • Valve spool
  • Valve body
  • Hydraulic central manifold
CNC Milling for car lift hydraulic pump
CNC milling is widely used in custom car lift hydraulic manifold production

CNC Milling

CNC milling is widely used in custom hydraulic manifold production.

  • Steel Manifold Milling
  • Custom Hyd manifold
  • Manifolds customized production

CNC Machining

All car lift hydraulic power unit manifolds CNC Machining process.

  • Center Manifold
  • Die-Casting Manifold
  • single acting manifold block
Casting manifold machining
Drilling for car lift hydraulic packs


Hydraulic Manifold blocks and valves need drill holes for different applications.

  • Drill steel or aluminum
  • CNC drilling machine
  • Manual drilling machine


Cartridge Valves Manufacturering

Cartridge valves design and manufacturering

  • check valve
  • lower valve
  • relief valve
  • solenoid valves
car lift threaded cartridge valve automation suppliers
Test Threaded Cartridge Valves

Valve Testing

Target Hydraulics staff work with the latest technology testing bench to ensure our hydraulic valve quality.

  • Pressure Test
  • Flow Test
  • Directional Test


Power Unit Testing

Hydraulic Power Pack Unit is a complete hydraulic power supply system, they need to be tested before shipment.

  • AC/DC Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Motor Pump Unit
  • Single Acting Power Pack
  • Double Acting Power Unit
car lift hydraulic packs system test bench

Your Professional Hydraulic Pump for Car Lift Manufacturer & Supplier

scissor lift hydraulic power pack Manufacturer and supplier
car lift power unit parts hydraulic manifold valve block delivery

Ningbo Target Hydraulics is your professional Chinese hydraulic pump for car lift factory and supplier. Our products including car lift power unit parts, hydraulic pump for car lift, much different voltage car lift hydraulic pumps, such 110v,220v car lift hydraulic pump, and AC380v car lift hydraulic power units.

hydraulic pump for car lift Manufacturer and supplier
Can I Visit Your Factory?

Yes, You are welcome to visit our factory any time. Ningbo Target Hydraulics is located in Ningbo city which is about 240KM from Shanghai Pudong International Airport(PVG). It will take about 3 hours by car.

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