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Do you need a manual cartridge hand pump for your hydraulic system? Target Hydraulics has got you covered! We have a broad selection of cartridge hand pumps that suit your applications. Our pumps are popular due to their low leak rates and reliable performance.

Cartridge Hand Pump

Target Hydraulics offers hydraulic cartridge hand-operated pumps that can be easily and quickly installed in a standard manifold cartridge valve cavity due to their screw-in design. These pumps are compact, cost-effective, and available in various materials and displacements to accommodate a broad range of applications.

The Target Hydraulics hand pumps provide durable and affordable cartridge solutions that are ideal for manifold mounting. You can choose these pumps with 4.3cc up to 12cc/stroke displacements. It can also operate with a working pressure of 1 to 400 bar.

Our cartridge hand pumps are suitable for standard cavities with front tank connection. It has a removable and rotatable up to 360-degree handle ensuring ease of use. These valves are equipped with inlet and outlet strainer and check valves. We manufacture these pumps using carbon steel, stainless, steel, and more materials to ensure corrosion resistance in challenging environments. Custom cartridge hand pumps are also available to meet your specific requirements. You can guarantee high-quality pumps at competitive prices. Please send us your inquiries today!

High Pressure Cartridge Hand Pump

We manufacture high-pressure cartridge hand pumps that are made from high-strength alloy steel materials ensuring increased durability.

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cartridge Hand Pump

Our single-acting cartridge hand pumps are manufactured with compact and lightweight design. It features lower handle effort for the operator’s comfort.

Small Two-Speed Cartridge Hand Pump
Small Two-Speed Cartridge Hand Pump

These pumps are designed with two-speed operation to minimize up to 78% hand strokes. It also has a glass-filled reservoir to enhance corrosion resistance.

Portable Cartridge Hand Pump

Our portable cartridge hand pumps feature all- steel compact design. It also has a durable structure, integrated control valves, and a large oil capacity.

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Why Choose Our Cartridge Hand Pumps

Compact Design

Their compact sizes make them ideal for applications where space is limited, allowing for versatile use in various systems.


Available in a range of displacements and materials, our cartridge hand pumps can be tailored to your specific applications.


Our cartridge hand pump models are made from robust carbon steel and stainless materials for enhanced durability.

User-Friendly Operation

These pumps are designed with removable and swivel angle, providing easy and flexible operation, making them convenient to use.

Features of Our Cartridge Hand Pump

Our hand pumps have a cartridge-style design. It also features a threaded screw-mounted unit, which is easily assembled into high-strength steel manifolds or blocks for hydraulic systems.

These pumps are convenient to install by screwing it into a standard cavity. It can be directly replaced within the hydraulic manifold.

Aside from that, it also features a hardened seat and poppet. Thus, ensuring longevity.

Material Construction

The pump generates hydraulic pressure by manually pushing or pulling its steel shaft or handle.

This handle is made from high-strength carbon steel to handle high power.

The main body that including the frame and beam of the pump is made from cast iron, which requires mold for its customized design.

Why Target Hydraulics is Your Best Cartridge Pump Supplier

Target Hydraulics offers industry-standard manifold mounting. It facilitates easy design and uses common tooling. We also offer a cost-effective hydraulic cartridge hand pump to provide economical hydraulic power options for OEM solutions. Aside from that, we have engineers who will design these pumps according to your specifications. Weguarantee affordable products without sacrificing quality.

Quality Control and Testing Methods

Leakage Testing

Pressure holding or leakage testing involves maintaining the pressure inside the pump and measuring the time it takes for the pressure to drop. A longer time indicates better performance.

Pressure Generated Times

In this testing, the cartridge hand pump is manually operated and the number of times it can generate pressure is measured. We ensures that our pumps 4-6 pull to reach the required pressure.

Destructive Test

Our cartridge hand pump undergo a selective examination where parts like bolts and gaskets are tested to the point of failure to assess their durability and service life.

Overall Qualification

All our cartridge hand pumps must meet specific testing times which range from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the required flow rate and customer specifications.

Technical Specifications

Pressure 1 to 400 Bar
Stroke Volume 4.3cc to 12cc
Material Construction Stainless steel, carbon steel, and more alloy
Seal Options EPDM, Viton, Nitrile

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