Cartridge Solenoid Valve

Working medium Hydraulic oil
Cavity 8#,10#
Max operating pressure 3600PSI(250 bar)
Max Flow 0~28LPM
Internal Leakage: Less than 5 drops/min
Temperature: ,-30° F ~ +250° F (-35°C to +120° C)
Voltage DC12V,DC24V,AC110V,AC220V
min voltage requires 85% of normal voltage

Cartridge  solenoid valve will control which element the hydraulic fluid will flow to.  There are many different types of directional control valves. Normally, valve designed with coil and cartridge spool or poppet .

The valve is generally specified by number of positions and number of ways (ports). The valve is made up of two parts, the body and the spool.

 Two(2) Position, Two(2) wayTwo(2) Position, Two(2) way

This valve has two positions (2 boxes) and 2 ways (ports); thus 2 position, 2 way. This valve is normally closed because both ports are blocked when in neutral.


 Three(3) Position, Four(4) wayThree(3) Position, Four(4) way

This valve has three positions (3 boxes) and 4 ways (ports); thus 3 position, 4 way. It is shown with a closed center, when the valve is neutral all ports are blocked. The small boxes on each end with diagonal lines through them, C1 and C2, are electrical coils, this is an electrically actuated valve. The port marked P is Pressure and the port marked T drains to tank. The ports marked A and B connect to an external device, like a cylinder. When C1 is energized the valve will shift, putting pressure to the B port and draining the A port to the tank. Likewise when C2 is energized the pressure port connects to the A port and the B port drains to the tank.

Typical applicationshydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valve manifold system ,mobile hydraulics, etc

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