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  • 500050-2_Die-Casting central Manifold Block-cut in half
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Center Manifolds

Product Name Center Manifolds
Oil port thread BSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8” ,SAE 6#
Max Pressure Up to 350bar
Central Manifold 500101/500050/500208
Stacked Manifold 560102/565102
Working Pressure  up to 250bar
Tank/Reservoir From 1.2Litres to 60 Liters
Flow L/M From 3LPM to 20LPM
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

Central Manifold Blocks

The die casting central manifolds/ corpi centrali without any sharp edge, all the corners were rounded, to prevent possible injury during the assembly hydraulic power pack with our die casting central manifold / corpo centrale .All the central manifolds connection and cavity size are dimensionally tested before delivery.


500050-2_Die-Casting power pack central Manifold Block-5 cavities

It caters for multiple options of integral solenoid or mechanical operated control hydraulic valves as well as providing an interface for custom designed control valve manifolds system assemblies. It also incorporates steel seated inserts for both pressure line check and relief valve. Furthermore, the central manifold/ drive plate has an option for pressure compensated flow control valves (in dump trailer,lift, hold and lower configuration) as well as various porting facilities and mounting options. I’s possible to purchase either individual hydraulic components or complete hydraulic compact power packs systems.

These kinds of hydraulic central manifold blocks (central manifold/drive plate) come with a 120mm or 123mm size neck suit with Target Hydraulics plastic tanks and steel tanks for North of American and European Hydraulic Power Pack Units market.

500050-2_Die-Casting center Manifold Hydraulic Power Pack Unit

Our Engineers team with years of experience in die casting designing, processing and machining, to make sure die casting tooling and casting manifold products quality perfect, away from microporosity of the die casting issues. And Our design also improved a lot of Casting Production and machining Production Efficiency.That is why we keep our cost with competitive price manifold blocks and hydraulic power pack units.

Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1

Gallery of Die Casting Manifold Block Tooling Analysis

  1. Central Manifold Block_Fill Time Analysis
  2. Power Unit Manifold Block_Filling Velocity Analysis
  3. Die Casting Manifold Block_Air Pressure Analysis
  4. Power Pack Manifold Block_Temperature Distribution Analysis

Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1

Our professional engineers’ team also provide customized manifold block according 3D drawing and samples.

Our wide range design of manifolds including die-casting process manifold block, machining hydraulic block manifold,

gravity casting process hyd block manifolds.



  • light than Extruded aluminum profiles Hydraulic Manifold
  • Low cost than Extruded aluminum Hydraulic Manifold Block
  • Strong enough for mini hydraulic power pack system. Pressure Up to 350bar.
  • Products lead time quick than normally machined Central Manifold Block
  • Composite functional design, versatility and Less Stock cost.
  • More professional Production and Products for hydraulic power pack manufacturer.
  • Central manifold in aluminum alloy with different cartridge valves cavity design for many basic hydraulic circuits.


Target Hydraulics die-casting center manifold end head part number,(Just general reference list):

  • 500010, Designed for single-acting hydraulic power packs. Car Lift application.
  • 500011, Designed for single acting hydraulic power packs. Hydraulic Dump Trailer application.
  • 500020, Designed for double-acting hydraulic power packs, need an extra stacked hydraulic manifold block.
  • 500030, Designed for double-acting hydraulic power packs. No check valve.
  • 500050, Designed for Single or double-acting hydraulic power pack units. Multipurpose applications.


Hydraulic Central Manifold Blocks

500050-2 Die casting manifold block for Hydraulic Power Pack

How to design Hydraulic Manifold blocks with die casting process






Download Die-casting Manifold Block and stacked manifold block Catalog.

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