Hydraulic Fluid Power Products -Over 10 Years of Manufacturer & Export Experience

Target Hydraulics,. Co LTD has been known for its depth of expertise in Hydraulic Valves, Hydraulic Manifold Block, Hydraulic Power Pack Unit, hydraulic cartridge valve systems, 3D Design service and Global Marketing Sales.

Technical Knowledge

Target Hydraulics 3D Design services are offered worldwide through Sales Team. All of our inside and outside technical sales people have current Hydraulic Fluid Power Training from the Professional Hydraulic Fluid Training Class. We also have Electrical Engineer on staff to assist in the integration of technologies. Target Hydraulics team has technical specialists with specific knowledge in Waste Recycle, mobile, metals, plastics, and industrial applications. Our Products also use for some special high pressure hydraulic system, such as high pressure hydraulic system and hydraulic hose crimping.

d-e-casting hydraulic manifold block design-drawing

Product Specialization

Since Target Hydraulics inception, our goal has been to be the best at what we do. Nothing or the Best. We have limited our core product offering to only what we are good at. With a limited range of products we can better assist you through specific product and application knowledge.

Quality Products

Our team of skilled technicians and hydraulics experts can help you to create the perfect system, get the components and products you need. We place quality and safety in use above all other objectives. Quality is conforming to requirements; this applies to all products and services we supply to our customers, All of this make our products successful and make our clients satisfied.

Testing is a crucial part of the manufacturing process of hydraulic power packs and hydraulic valves. We Focus on making products and quality control better. All Hydraulic power units were 100% hydraulic oil pressure tested before delivery.

12v hydraulic pump single acting testing


Quality Service

While quality products are a must to be successful, without the backing of good service, even the best of products can lose value. We are committed to continually improving the service we provide. Quality Hydraulics has processes in place to improve returns, credits, and on time performance. We also monitor our time to process quotes and orders.

“Good to see Target Hydraulics power your Hydraulic Equipment.”

-Dominic Wang

For more products information please visit https://www.target-hydraulics.com/products

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