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DC Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics is Your Reliable DC Hydraulic Power Pack Supplier in China!

  • Designing DC Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Manufacturing DC Hydraulic Packs
  • Reliable DC Power Packs Quality

Your Professional DC Hydraulic Power Pack Supplier in China.

Target Hydraulics offer you different dc power pack hydraulic system and power pack components, such as hydraulic manifold blocks, hydraulic cartridge valves, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic oil tanks.

DC Power Packs

double action mini dc hydraulic power packs

Target DC hydraulic power packs include single acting hydraulic power packs and double-acting ones.

12V DC hydraulic power pack system

12v DC hydraulic power packs are most common in small mobile hydraulic system applications.

24v dc hydraulic power pack units

Target 24voltage dc hydraulic power pack can be operated by buttons remote and wireless remote.

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DC Hydraulic Pack Applications

DC Power Pack Hydraulic Components

  • mini dc power pack-hydro power pack valves
    Power Pack Solenoid Valves

    Hydraulic pack solenoid valves are designed to operate directional hydraulic cylinders.

  • Hydraulic dc power pack Central Manifolds
    Power Pack Manifolds

    Target Hydraulics offer you different power pack manifold blocks.

  • mini small dc hydraulic power pack motor
    Hydraulic Power Pack Motor

    12v&24vDC Hydraulic motors are designed for dc hyd power pack systems.

  • dc hydraulic power pack plastic tanks
    Hydraulic Power Pack Tank

    Hydraulic oil tank for DC Hydraulic Power Packs.

  • hydraulic dc power pack pumps
    Power Pack Pump

    Different sizes Hydraulic Gear Pumps for DC Hydraulic Power Packs.

Hydraulic Power Pack Design

Target Hydraulics offers you professional 2D&3D hydraulic design.

  • 3D&2D power pack hydraulic system design
  • hydraulic power pack components drawing
design mini dc hydraulic power pack with 3D software
dc hydraulic power pack valve components machining

Hydraulic Valve Manufacturing

Cartridge hydraulic valves on DC hydraulic power packs:

  • Check hydraulic valves
  • cartridge relief valve
  • power pack solenoid valve

Power pack manifolds Machining

Target can machine all types of aluminum blocks and manifolds.

  • DC power pack manifolds
  • Casting central manifold housing
  • customized power pack manifolds
dc power pack hydraulic Casting manifold machining
dc hydro power packs manifold assembly

Hydraulic Power Pack Assembly


  • DC24v and DC12 Power Packs
  • single and double acting hydraulic packs
  • Bulk orders assembly by production line.



DC power pack test

Target test dc hydraulic power pack with latest electrical-hydraulic technology test bench.

  • Test AC/DC Power Pack
  • Pressure(PSI/bar) and Flow Curve(GPM/LPM)
  • Electric Voltage(Volt) and Current (Amp)


dc power pack hydraulic system test bench

Your Professional DC Hydraulic Power Pack Factory and Supplier in China!

dc hydraulic Power Packs ready to delivery
mini dc hydraulic power pack packing-delivery-freight

Target Hydraulics can help you with your New project! If you are an end-user Target Hydraulics will help you from design to assembly hydraulic system. If you are an importer or wholesaler Target can offer you OEM or customized sticker label service, we can put your company LOGO on packing boxes!

Ask and get your dc hydraulic power pack price for sale now!

dc hydraulic power packs manufacturer and supplier

DC Hydraulic Power Unit Gallery

Product Name DC Hydraulic Power Pack
Central Manifold 500208 or 500202 or 500101
Remote control Cable remote or wireless remote
Motor DC12V 1.6Kw 2800RPM
Gear Pump 2.1cc/r
Voltage DC12V,DC24V
Working Pressure 50bar up to 210bar
Tank/Reservoir From 3L up to 16L
Flow L/M From 3LPM to 15LPM
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

DC Hydraulic Power Pack Material List

12V DC Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack Circuit

PT Power Pack Hydraulic Circuit

Hydraulic Schematics,Hydraulic Circuit

Our DC mini hydraulic power packs, also called DC power packs, are designed and made in China.

Our DC power packs come complete with DC motors, aluminum housing manifold blocks that hold valves, and a hydraulic gear pump. Our DC motors range from 350W to 4500W, flow ranges from 2LPM to 16LPM,and pressure up to 210bars.

Hydraulic Power Pack Components

What is Target Hydraulics Power Pack Components ?

Our standard single acting DC hydraulic power pack comes complete with a relief valve, a check valve, a 2 way 2 position normally closed cartridge solenoid valve, a suction filter, a gear pump, a return oil pipe, and a DC motor with a high duty starter relay. The motor is: 1.6kw 12VDC 2800RPM, and the gear pump displacement is 2.1cc/r. Our hydraulic plastic tank is 8 liters with an air breather, but no drain hole. We also offer an optional plastic motor cover.

DC hydraulic power pack mountings are horizontal or vertical.
Normally we set hydraulic relief valves at 160 bars, but hydraulic relief valves are adjustable from 50 to 230 bars, as standard for each mini hydraulic power pack.


DC power unit

DC hydraulic power pack flow range is from 3L/min up to 15L/max.
The standard size for the hydraulic valve manifold oil port’s thread size is 3/8″BSPP.

Electric control system: two buttons remote with 4 meters cables. We also offer wireless remote control pendants. Part number:WRCP12. This wireless remote can control a DC hydraulic power pack 100 meters away. Here are the hydraulic power pack wiring diagram if you want learn more about how to wire DC Hydraulic Power Pack with Battery for your mobile hydraulics equipment.

A single acting DC hydraulic power pack is suitable for all kinds of single acting hydraulic applications, such as trailer tipping, power up /gravity down lift, mobile hydraulics, tipper truck, and tailgate lift.

Can I visit Target Hydraulics ?

Yes, You are welcome to visit Target Hydraulics any time. Our factory is located in Ningbo, about 300KM away from Shanghai airport. We are glad to pick you up if you arrive Shanghai air port,

How can we help you with hydraulic power pack 3D designs?

Our Engineers use Solidworks and Inventor for hydraulic manifold blocks and hydraulic power pack system design.

We can send you hydraulic valves, central manifolds, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic reservoir tanks, power pack motor IGS, and Sldprt 3D drawings when you are designing hydraulic power packs.

How many types of hydraulic components do you offer?

Mini hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valves, and hydraulic manifolds are our main products.

We are glad to assist you with hydraulic power unit aluminum toolboxes and hydraulic cylinders.

What are your manufacturing capabilities for hydraulic products?

We sell our hydraulic power units to USA,Canada,Germany,Poland,UK,Australia and many more countries.

Our hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic valve manifold blocks are widely used in DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power units, and hydraulic manifold designs.

How does the Target Hydraulics team provide customers with 24/7 technical support?

All our Sales were trained by engineers regarding typical technical questions and troubleshooting.

Target Hydraulics team offers you 24/7 online contact via email for sales and after-sale service.

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