Double Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump

Top-Quality Double-Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump

Target Hydraulics offers lightweight hand pumps with double-acting functions. These pumps are rated with working pressure up to 10,000PSI or 700 Bar.

  • Compact design
  • Two-speed operation
  • Larger oil capacities

Double-Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump Manufacturer

A double-acting hydraulic hand pump is a manually operated pump designed to move hydraulic fluid into a system in both directions of the pump’s handle or piston movement. It generates hydraulic pressure in both directions of the handle movement – both push and pull strokes. This design effectively doubles the output compared to a single-acting pump, which only generates pressure in one stroke.

At Target Hydraulics, we manufacture a double-acting hydraulic hand-operated pump that features a large reservoir. Its reservoir is made from durable glass-filled nylon materials. Thus, ensuring corrosion resistance, lightweight, and high strength.

Our pumps are also designed with up to 10,000PSI pressure. Rest assured that it can handle high-working-pressure applications. Whether you need a trusted double-acting hydraulic hand pump supplier, Target Hydraulics is your best choice. We offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Please send us your inquiries today!

Ultra-High-Pressure Double-Acting Manual Hand Pump

These pumps are designed with steel structure, durability, two-stage hydraulic design, large oil tank, convenient refueling, and improved work efficiency.

Heavy-duty hand-operated Double-Acting Hydraulic Pump

We designed these pumps with complete components such as a movable handle, bleed nut, oil tank, relief switch, and female connector.

Two-Speed 220V Hydraulic Double-Acting Hand Pump

are also designed with large tank capacity to suit different applications.

Portable Double-Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump

We guarantee that these portable pumps can operate a double-acting oil cylinder. It also has a relief valve, ensuring protection against overloading.

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Why Choose Our Double-Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump

Increased Efficiency

Because our double-acting hand pumps can generate pressure on both push and pull strokes, theydeliverhydraulic fluid more efficiently and quickly.

Compact Design

These pumps can achieve the same output with fewer strokes, making them suitable for applications where space and operation time are limited.

High-Pressure Capabilities

Our double-acting hydraulic hand pumps can achieve high pressures. It makes them an ideal choice for demanding hydraulic applications.

Manual Operation

Hydraulic double-acting hand pumps are operated manually. Therefore, it can provide a reliable and portable solution for hydraulic power.

Main Features

  • Suitable to be used for 4-way valves
  • Available in two-speed or single-speed
  • 3/8-inch NPTF female hydraulic port
  • Built-in safety valves
  • Rectangular tank
  • Cast iron main body construction
  • Up to 90°C working temperature
Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications

Our double-acting hydraulic hand pumps are designed and tailored to meet the different requirements of industries such as:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Agricultural equipment

Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure Maximum 10,000PSI
Cylinder Compatibility Double-Acting
Valve Operation Manual
Piston Stroke 1 in
Pump Type Two-Speed
Reservoir Capacity 155 in3
Usable Oil Capacity 155in3
Maximum Flow at Rated Pressure 151 in3/stroke

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