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Double Acting Hydraulic Power Units Manufacturer

Your Professional Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit Supplier!

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Power Pack
  • DC12v Double Acting Hydraulic Pump
  • AC120v Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit

Your Reliable Double Acting Hydraulic Power Units Supplier from China!

Ningbo Target Hydraulic Power Units range includes AC double action Hydraulic Power Packs, double acting hydraulic pump for 12v dump trailer, etc

Hydraulic power pack 2D&3D design drawing available for your new projects. And you will get a very good double acting power unit price for your requests.



Hydraulic Power Unit Components

Target Hydraulic is Hydraulic Power Unit parts manufacturer:

  • hydraulic manifold blocks
  • Buttons remote
  • hydraulic cartridge valve
  • etc
hydraulic power unit manifold design
operate cnc machine power unit manifold machining

Central Manifolds Blocks

Central Manifold Block are most important parts of double acting power units.

  • Casting aluminum manifolds endheads
  • Full aluminum Center manifold blocks
  • 4 axis CNC machine with tool magazine
  • More than 20+ big 4 axis CNC machine

Cartridge Valves

Target hydraulics know how to create and assembly double acting power units from each hydraulic components:

  • Hydraulic Cartridge Valves
  • Hydraulic Power Pack Solenoid Valves
  • Power Unit Check Valves
  • Cartridge Relief Valves




valves ceshi zuzhuang-
Remote Control Switch wiring

Buttons Remote Switch

Different remote switches We can offer you:

  • from 2 buttons to 6 buttons
  • 3 or 4 wire dump trailer remote
  • snow plow hydraulic power unit remote
  • other customized remote switches

Your Chinese Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit Factory and Supplier!

dc power unit packing
double acting Power Pack unit packing- delivery

Ningbo Target Hydraulics with over 10+ years of experience serves more than 50+ countries’ clients. Target Hydraulics’s double-acting hydraulic power units already work with Mobile Hydraulics, Industrial Hydraulics.

Contact Us with your New Inquiry Now!

double acting power pack unit test bench
Do you offer customized Double Acting Hydraulic Power Units?

Yes, Target Hydraulics offers you standard hydraulic power pack units, and also customized double-acting hydraulic power units.

What is your ac power unit moro size?

Our wide range of ac hydraulic power unit motors are normally: 1 hp hydraulic power pack and 2 or 3 hp hydraulic power pack, sometimes up to 5 hp hydraulic power unit even 10 hp hydraulic power unit.

Do you have MOQ with your hpu hydraulic power units?

There is no MOQ with our standard design products. There will be MOQ if you request your special design double-acting power pack hydraulic units.

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