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Electric Hydraulic Actuators Supplier in China!

Your Chinese Professional Small&Mini Electric Hydraulic Actuators Manufacturer and Supplier!

  • Self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator
  • Designing& Manufacturing Mini Power Packs
  • Engineering Both AC&DC compact Electric Hydraulic Actuator (EHA)

Your Professional Electric Hydraulic Actuators Supplier in China!

The electric hydraulic actuator is designed to be lightweight and compact in size. Target Electric Hydraulic Actuators are widely used in different applications, such as ATV/UTV, Material Handling Equipment, and Garden/Tractor.

Electric Hydraulic Actuators Products

12V 24V Electric Hydraulic Actuator 4MPa 4000n Pull Push Load 100mm Stroke
Electric Hydraulic Actuator

Target electric hydraulic actuator(EHA) is an entirely self-contained unit with no external piping, thus eliminating the possibility of hydraulic oil leakage.

electro hydraulic actuator manufacturers in china
Electric Hydraulic Cylinders

High-Performance Electric Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) works in tough applications with reliable quality.

micro electro-hydraulic actuator
Self-contained Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

A self-contained Electro-Hydraulic Actuator is an integrated motor, pump, valve, and cylinder self-contained product.

compact electro-hydraulic actuator (eha)
compact electro-hydraulic actuator

compact electro-hydraulic actuator (eha) is a common design of small electrical hydraulic cylinders.

Self-contained Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
Manholes Hydraulic Covers EHA

Electric hydraulic actuator for manholes covers. It will easy to operated manhole covers open and close.

Electro-hydraulic actuator diagram
Electro-hydraulic Linear actuator

Target Electro-hydraulic Linear actuator is designed to handle your toughest challen hydraulic applications.

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Electric Hydraulic Actuators Applications

Electric Hydraulic Actuators Components

  • Hydraulic Manifold Blocks for Electro-hydraulic Linear actuator
    Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

    Target hydraulics offers you different hydraulic manifold blocs and endheads or hydraulic plates.

  • EHA(Electro-hydraulic Linear actuator) Gear Pump
    EHA Gear Pump

    Hydraulic gear pump for electric hydraulic actuator normally is group0.5.

  • Electric Hyd Actuator Threaded cartridge valve
    Compact (EHA) Valves

    Small and compact electrical hydraulic actuators need different valves to control hydraulic cylinders.

  • Electric Hyd Actuator Threaded plastic oil tank
    Small Hydraulic Tanks

    plastic tanks or steel tanks are designed for Ningbo Target hydraulics EHA system.

  • Electric DC motor 12V 2.0KW
    Electric Motors

    Electric motors of Electric Hydraulic Actuators are the power supply of EHA.

Hydraulic Actuators Designing

  • 2D&3D Software
  • micro&mini hydraulic power packs
  • Single and Double Acting
design mini hydraulic power pack with 3D software
power pack valve hydraulic -machine.jpg

Valves Manufacturing

Target Hydraulics manufacturing different hydraulic power pack valves and components.

  • Solenoid valves
  • Cartridge Check Valves
  • Relief valves
  • Flow Valves

Hydraulic Manifold Production

Ningbo Target Hydraulics is your professional hydraulic manifold block manufacturer.

  • Compact Manifold Blocks
  • casting central manifolds
  • Aluminum and Steel Manifolds
Hydraulic Power Pack Manifold - manufacturer-Production
Power pack Assembly line

Electric Hydraulic Actuators Assembly

Target Electrical hydraulic actuator assembly and test in our latest workshop.

  • Double acting Electro-hydraulic Linear actuator
  • Single acting Electric Hydraulic Actuators
  • Cable Remote or wireless remote control



Target EHA Test

Hydraulic products test is very important before packing and shipping.

  • Latest electrical and hydraulic technology
  • Test EHA hydraulic system pressure and flow
  • Record Test Data
mini power pack hydraulic system test bench

Your Electric Hydraulic Actuators Supplier and Manufacturer in China!

mini power pack hydraulic system packing
mini hydraulic power pack packing-delivery-freight

Target Hydraulics is your Best choice of Electric Hydraulic Actuators supplier in China. Our (EHA) and Electro-hydraulic Linear actuators can be supplied with different applications.

Ask and get your Electric Hydraulic Actuators’ price now!

parker electro-hydraulic actuator

Hydraulic power pack specification:

Product Name Electric Hydraulic Actuators
Oil port thread BSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8”
Remote control 2 butons remote or wireless remote
Motor DC12V/24V  150w-800W  3200RPM
Gear Pump From 0.19cc/r to 2.0cc/r
Voltage DC12V to DC48V
Working Pressure 30bar up to 210bar,normally setting @50bar
Tank/Reservoir From 0.8L up to 3.2L
Flow  L/M From 0.15L up to 6.3L
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical
How many types of mini hydraulic power packs do you offer?

Target Hydraulics offers you a wide range of hydraulic products.AC or DC micro hydraulic power unit and Electric Hydraulic Actuators is our bulk order products.

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