Reliable External Gear Pump

Target Hydraulics developed a wide range of external gear pumps to meet the diverse customer and market needs. We also offer custom external gear pumps for your specific requirements.

  • Low noise
  • Low pulse
  • Energy efficient

External Gear Pump Manufacturer

An external gear pump is composed of two interlocking identical gears. These gears are supported by different shafts. Typically, one gear is motor-driven which in turn drives the other gear, known as the idler gear. Some external gear pumps have shafts both driven independently by motors. The bearing support the shafts on each side of the casing, ensuring smooth operation of the pump.

External gear pumps are widely used for conveying low-viscosity, toxic, and aggressive liquids. These pumps operate in a simple principle. A rotor on the driven shaft transfers rotary motion to a second rotor. Thus, displacing a volume of liquid proportional to the speed. This design allows the pump to both suction liquids and pump them at high pressure. Thanks to their low friction and high efficiency, external gear pumps are known for their durability and minimal wear.

At Target Hydraulics, we offer external gear pumps for different hydraulic systems. We designed these pumps with rich characteristics to achieve low noise levels to promote a friendly working environment and reducing energy consumption for environmental and cost-saving benefits. Target Hydraulics also offers assembly and selection services. As a leading supplier, we are committed to providing complete hydraulic solutions at a competitive price. If you have any requirements, feel free to contact us for assistance!

Our Series of High-Quality External Gear Pump

Mini Stainless Steel External Gear Pump

We manufacture external gear pumps using stainless steel material with a compact structure. It can transfer a wide range of mediums to suit your hydraulic system requirements.

Low Noise External Gear Pump
Low Noise External Gear Pump

Our low noise external gear pump series are designed with lightweight, high-density, and high pressure resistant. These are manufactured with large shaft key and shaft for low noise operation.

Low Pulse External Gear Pump

Target Hydraulics offers low pulse external gear pump that features high pressure, high efficiency, special gear design, compact size, low noise, aluminum alloy construction, and lightweight.

Single Tandem External Gear Pump

We manufacture single tandem external gear pump with high voltage, high efficiency, 2 drain ports, low noise level, short control time, versatile controller range, and longer service life.

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Why Choose Our External Gear Pump

High Pressure

Our external gear pump can handle high pressure. Thus, you can be assured that it can pump high-viscosity fluids at a long distance.


We offer external gear pumps that are designed with rotating gears to ensure self-priming capabilities. Thus, making them ideal for applications with suction difficulties.


Target Hydraulics designed external gear pumps with spur or herringbone gears. These allow them to provide both single or bi-directional hydraulic fluid flow.

Pulseless Flow

Rest assured that our external gear pumps can offer a constant and smooth flow while the gears rotate without obstruction, ensuring reliability.

The Working Principle of Our External Gear Pump

The external gear pump works in three different cycles including the following:

  1. The pump forms an expanded volume as the gear disengages on the inlet. Due to the expansion, the hydraulic liquid flows throughout the cavities. Then, the gear teeth traps the hydraulic liquid as it continue to rotate.
  2. The trapped hydraulic liquid is transferred from the pump inlet to the discharge side.
  3. When the pump gear teeth mesh together on the discharge side, it creates a smaller volume. This reduction in volume causes the fluid tapped between the gears to be pressurized and forced out of the pump.

Main Features of Our External Gear Pump

  • Up to 20 Bar high pressure rating
  • Heavy-duty design making it suitable for continuous applications
  • Gear tooth profile modification for prolonged life service
  • Provides even load distribution
  • Low leakage ensuring enhanced volumetric efficiency
  • Shorter bearing span

Why Target Hydraulics is Your Trusted Hydraulic External Gear Pump Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics is an industry leader when it comes to reliable external gear pump manufacturer. With our decades of expertise, we can provide you with innovative and high-quality pump designs. Our team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. We understand that every application has unique requirements. That’s why Target Hydraulics is offering customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a specific hydraulic external gear pump size, material, or configuration, our team works closely with you to deliver a pump that perfectly matches your requirements.

Different Gear Types

Spur. These are the most straightforward types of gear in terms of design. They can be produced through various techniques such as injection molding. Their design is also compatible with grinding or wire EDM processes, which allows for the use of hardened materials.

Helical. These gears are similar to spur gears but have teeth that twist around the gear axis. Due to its designs, it can operate with low noise and vibration because the teeth make contact gradually during rotation, which extends their lifespan.

Herringbone. Herringbone gears combine the advantages of helical gears, such as reduced noise and vibration, without generating axial force. This is achieved by having mirrored helical patterns that create a V-shape herringbone design.

External Gear Pump Construction Materials

Each component of our external gear pump is made from the finest-quality materials to ensure optimized cost, durability, and longevity.

  • Bracket, casing, and head. These components are typically made from materials such as iron, ETFE, PPS, high alloys, stainless steel, and more.
  • The shafts of our external gear pump are made of alumina ceramic, stainless steel, steel, PEEK, and more.
  • Our external gear pumps have gears made from PEEK, PTFE, stainless steel, steel, etc.
  • Bushings/bearings. We designed our external gear pump with bushings and bearings constructed using silicon carbide, carbon, needle bearings, bronze, and more.
  • Shaft seal. The shaft seal of our external pumps includes magnetic coupling, lip seal, and more.

External Gear Pump Designed for a Variety of Applications

Automotive Industry

Our external gear pumps are designed to provide optimal performance for the automotive sector:

  • Lubrication of gearboxes
  • Engine lubrication
  • Fuel dosing and cooling systems
Food Service

Target Hydraulics offers external gear pumps that play important role in the food service industry such as:

  • Ingredients dosing and handling
  • Oil, syrups, and other viscous fluid processes
  • Hygiene and precision
  • Beverage dispensing and food packaging
Health Tech

Our external gear pumps are widely used in the health tech industry such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Dialysis machine
  • Infusion pumps
  • Laboratory equipment
What is the difference between internal and external gear pump?

Internal and external gear pumps are two types of displacement pumps, each with distinct characteristics and applications. Below are common differences between the two pumps.

  • External gear pump consists of two meshing gears, typically of the same size, that rotate within the housing. While internal gear pump features a rotor that meshes with an internal gear with teeth on the inside.
  • As the external gear pump rotates, they trap fluid between the gear teeth and the pump housing moving it from the inlet to outlet. Internal gear pump has rotors and internal gears that create a cavity to trap the fluid and moves it from the inlet to the outlet.

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