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Target Hydraulics has years of experience in providing custom braking solutions for different mobile machinery. Our hydraulic brake valves are guaranteed to meet the highest industry standards for braking systems.

  • Hybrid, manual, and power braking function
  • Wide working pressure range
  • Ideal for 5HP to 500HP Machines

Hydraulic Brake Valve Supplier

A hydraulic brake valve is an important component used in hydraulic braking systems. They are responsible for controlling the hydraulic fluid flow within the brake system. Thus, modulating the vehicle’s braking force. These valves work together with other braking system components such as brake pads, cylinders, and more.

At Target Hydraulics, we offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic brake valves such as brake modulators, proportioning valves, pressure relief valves, and more. We can provide you one-stop hydraulic brake valve solution depending on your specific design and applications. All our hydraulic brake valve comes with low MOQ, competitive price, and timely delivery. With our hydraulic brake valves, you can ensure efficient and safe braking performance. Send us your inquiries today!

Excavator Rotary Relief Brake Valve

Target Hydraulics offer excavator rotary relief brake valve that is durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

Wheel Loader Brake Charge Valve

These valves are manufactured using high-quality materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel.

Hydraulic Brake Lock Valve

Our hydraulic brake lock valves are suitable for applications with ambient temperature of 90-degree Celsius.

Hydraulic Proportional Brake Valve
Hydraulic Proportional Brake Valve

Rest assured that our hydraulic proportional brake valves can provide safe and efficiency in your braking system.

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Rich in Beneficial Features

Advantages of Our Hydraulic Brake Valve


Our hydraulic brake valve is designed with emergency backup. It can transfer powered braking to manual braking without changing the pedal. Thus, increasing safety.


By using a hydraulic brake valve, you don’t have to use any accumulators. It also doesn’t require electronics or charging valves, reducing costs.

Easy to Install

Our hydraulic brake valves are mountable using flange mounting. It can also be mounted using a self-bleeding function, assuring easy installation.

Improved Performance
Improved Performance

We manufacture hydraulic brake valves with balancing features and ensuring an improved straight-line braking, particularly in a dual-pedal usage.

Increase Your Machine Performance

Get the best braking system to increase the performance and safety of your machine with our brake valves.

  • Increases your machine’s efficiency without requiring any accumulators
  • Integrated with power valves to lessen the braking force
  • It allows independent control over each side by using separate brake pedals. This valve also allows a single pedal to control both sides simultaneously.

Target Hydraulics Brake Valve Mode Options

We offer hydraulic brake valves that are available in different functions. You can choose from the following:

Hybrid-Style: Hybrid style mode uses double-spool hydraulic brake valves. These have two the same valves integrated in a single casting.  They can be utilize independently or together for brake-assisted turning.

Power Mode: In this mode, the hydraulic brake valve functions the same with a pressure-reducing valves.

Manual Mode: When a hydraulic brake valve is in manual mode, it functions as a two-stage pump.

Target Hydraulics – Your Professional Hydraulic Brake Valve Manufacturer

As a leading hydraulic brake valve supplier in China, we offer a comprehensive range of products such as drum brakes, disc brakes, and more. We are committed to bringing innovation and using advanced manufacturing techniques. Thus, our team can provide you with high-quality brake valves to offer precise control and reliable performance. Whether you need standard or custom hydraulic brake valves, we got you covered. Rest assured that we do strict inspections of all the production stages to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Ideal for Different Applications

Forestry Machines
Backhoe Loaders
Agriculture Machines

Do You Need a Reliable Hydraulic Brake Valve Supplier?

  • I have been using brake valves from Target Hydraulics for years. Their valves offer precise control and modulation. Plus, they are durable. Highly recommended!

  • The modulation of my brake valves from Target Hydraulics is excellent. Their brake valve quality is top-notch. Thanks, Target Hydraulics for such great products!

  • I recently purchased brake valves from Target Hydraulics and installed them in my fleet of trucks. The result have been fantastic. The valves helped in enhancing the overall safety of my drivers and cargo.

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