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Ningbo Target Hydraulic Valve Manifolds range includes Hydraulic Power Pack parts, Casting valve Blocks, Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, and so much more!

2D&3D drawing hydraulic manifold design drawing available for your new project. And you will get a very good hydraulic manifold block price for your requests.

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Different Hydraulic Aluminum Manifold Blocks

Power Pack parts- Casting Center manifold endhead
Casting Manifold Endheads

Casting Manifold endheads is hydraulic power pack manifold. Target Hydraulics offers you many different types of casting hydraulic manifold blocks. They are designed for hydraulic power pack manifolds.

Hydraulic Central Manifold-3
Power Pack Manifolds

Hydraulic power pack manifolds are mainly 2 types, one is casting Casting Manifold Endheads and the other one is extruded aluminum 6061-T6 material hydraulic central manifold blocks.

Hydraulic Central Manifold-8

Both stacked blocks and central manifolds are our main business. Target provides you with high-quality aluminum manifold blocks with our latest hydraulic manifold design and manufactures Technology.

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Hydraulic Central Manifold Applications

  • hydraulic power unit
    AC Hydraulic Power Units

    Hydraulic central manifold blocks are widely used in AC hydraulic power units applications. Single-phase and three-phase ac motors can be mounted with our central manifold blocks.

  • small hydraulic power units
    Small Power Units

    As mobile hydraulics applications require a very compact size of products, then the mini and small hydraulic power pack units come to meet this kind of application. They are small in size but with high pressure.

  • DC hydrauic power pack
    DC Power Packs

    DC hydraulic power packs are another typical application of hydraulik central manifold blocks. They were designed for mobile hydraulic applications, such as wheeler chair lifts, Dump truck trailers,etc

Hydraulic Central Manifold Materials

Hydraulic Center Manifold Materials

  • Die-Casting Aluminum: ADC12/A380
  • Full Extruded Aluminum:6061-T6
  • Iron Steels

Others customized Aluminum or steel materials.

aluminum 6061-T6-manifold block material
Hydraulic Manifold-6061-t6-cutting.jpg

Extruded Aluminum Cutting

The capacity of hydraulic central block Manifolds cutting:

  • Square long block aluminum bar
  • Round power pack manifold material
  • Several big cutting machines
  • 24 hours machine cutting

Manifold CNC Machining

Central Manifold Block Design and Machining ability

  • UG/Solidworks 3D Design Softwares
  • Computer Programing
  • 3 shifts/24 hours/day
  • 4 axis CNC machine with tool magazine
  • More than 20+ big 4 axis CNC machine
cnc machine programing-hydraulic manifold block-2

Your Chinese Hydraulic Central Manifolds Factory and Supplier!

hydraulic manifold machine and packing

Whatever you need Italian hydraulic manifold, American hydraulic endheads, England manifold housing, or Chinese hydraulic manifold center blocks. You will get affordable Hydraulic Central Manifold cost prices from Ningbo Target Hydraulics.


banner-hydraulic power pack manifold machining
Working medium Hydraulic oil
Cavity 8#(08-2),10#(10-2)
Max pressure 3600PSI(250 bar)
Max Flow 0~28LPM
Hydraulic Central Manifold Material Aluminum or Steel
Temperature: ,-30° F ~ +250° F (-35°C to +120° C)

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  Hydraulic Central Manifolds


Hydraulic Central Manifold Housings  was a hydraulic manifold block at the centre of  small hydraulic power unit, it is a hydraulic manifold which connect motor and pump/tank .This central manifold suppose to give both a single and double acting hydraulic circuits.

customized-hyd-center-manifold-for hydraulic power unit components-aluminum-material-_6061-t6

Each central hydraulic manifold block is designed to contain cartridge hydraulic valve cavities which are an  Industry Common Cavities (ICC) size 3/4″-16UNF, size 8.
The screw in hydraulic cartridge valves functions:-

Cartridge Relief valve: standard valve adjustable from 40 bar  up to 315bar

Flow control valve: control hydraulic cylinder speed, only control cylinder down speed if the hydraulic system is single acting application.

Cartridge Check Valve: Hold pressure in P line, keep single acting hydraulic cylinder stay.

Lowering Valve Cavity: This cavity normally fitted with a solenoid valve which can be normally closed ,sometimes with a normally open solenoid cartridge valve . Alternatively a manual lowering valve can be fitted to control the lowering with a handle lever valve.

Each Hydraulic Power Pack including a central manifold block for assembling hydraulic components.

The central hydraulic manifold block  is designed mounting faces with  2 * M10 – 82mm threads.

Pressure and return connections thread are normally 3/8″ BSPP Ports, either 1/4″BSPP available . Sometimes we can add modular CETOP 03 valves using stackable valve manifold block to connect central manifold.

Hydraulic Central Manifold Applications-3

All of central manifold material is 6061-T6,some of them are just machining ,some others are die-casting hydraulic manifold .You can click here download Hydraulic Central Manifold PDF information.



Do you offer customized hydraulic central manifold products?

Yes, Target Hydraulics offers you standard hydraulic power pack manifolds and also customized central manifolds.

What is your center manifold block MAX pressure?

The standard center manifold was made of aluminum, so, we advise your pressure no more than 210bar.

Do you have MOQ with your hydraulic central manifolds?

There is no MOQ with our standard design and products. There will be MOQ if you request your special design power pack manifolds,

What kind of material are your center manifold blocks?

Target hydraulics normally use Aluminum 6061-T6 or casting aluminum. Some other customized hydraulic manifold materials are also available.


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