Hydraulic Crimping Machine Power Pack

Product Name Hydraulic Crimper Power Pack
Oil port thread M14x1.5 ,BSPP3/8” or SAE6#
Remote control Electrical control.
Motor DC or AC from 0.5Kw up to 5Kw
Gear Pump From 0.50cc/r to 5.2cc/r
Working Pressure 40bar up to 350bar,normally setting @280bar
Tank/Reservoir From 2L up to 40L
Crimping Capacity 551 LBS (250 kg) — 5511 LBS (2100 kg)
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

Hydraulic Crimping Machine Power Pack Unit

Target designs and manufactures hydraulic crimper power units, which are widely used for hydraulic crimping machine and hydraulic hose crimping tool to process hose, with much advantages, such as lightweight, high-efficiency, easy control, and powerful crimping force. If you are looking for a reliable crimping power unit for your hydraulic crimper, Target hydraulics is pleasure to be your hydraulic power unit manufacturer and supplier.
hydraulic hose crimping machineMost of hydraulic crimping machine power pack unit is for double acting hydraulic cylinder.Complete with an power full electrical motor and a high pressure gear pump which can offer pressure up to 350bar,and a hydraulic tank reservoir. All of our hydraulic components had been pass our QC inspection and customers applications life cycle test.

DC power unit_hydraulic hose crimper
According to the needs of different application products, Target can provide variety of hydraulic hose crimper power units, with the motor voltage range of DC12V & DC24V, and AC110V/ 220V/ 380V/ 415V. And the power created by the motor is from 0.5kw to 5kw. Our electrical system makes every your control easy and quickly respondent, and the hydraulic valve system is working clean and almost free of maintenance.
hydraulic tube crimping toll

With the function of crimper cylinder, the die set can create huge crimp force (551 LBS — 5511 LBS) generated from huge hydraulic pressure. And tube hose will be processed in all directions.
crimper die set
Target also provides a manual hydraulic system for portable hydraulic hose crimper, or mobile hydraulic hose crimping tool. Our hydraulic hand pump is made in Italy and Germany, which can meet the life cycle and high-performance requirements of customers’ applications.

manual hydraulic hose crimper

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