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What is a Hydraulic Directional Valve?

The directional valve is responsible for regulating the fluid flow direction. It functions by starting, changing, or stopping the fluid flow. These types of valves are also considered as controllers. They regulate the flow of pressurized fluid. So, the hydraulic system’s cylinders or actuators will fully function. It also allows the fluid to flow in a certain direction. These valves are specifically designed to ensure efficient, precise, effective, and smooth fluid control. Thus, allowing different machines and equipment to accurately deliver their tasks.

Directional valve allows seamless operation of construction equipment to lift heavy loads. The smooth execution of complicated aerospace system operations is possible through hydraulic direction valves. Using a directional valve for your hydraulic system applications can increase safety. It also increases your system’s performance level. Hydraulic directional valves also significantly reduce energy consumption.

Target Hydraulics offers comprehensive directional valves. We manufacture these valves with several actuation methods. It includes solenoids, levers, or buttons. We provide a broad selection of high-quality hydraulic direction valves to meet your requirements.

7-Spool Hydraulic Directional-Control Valve
7-Spool Hydraulic Directional-Control Valve

We offer a broad selection of hydraulic directional valve that features seven spools. It offers high working pressure, stable performance, and compact structure.

Proportional Directional Valve
Proportional Directional Valve

Our proportional directional valve is widely used for different applications including casting, construction, woodworking, etc.

Solenoid Hydraulic-Directional Valve

Target Hydraulics offers solenoid hydraulic directional valve that is guaranteed to provide sensitivity and longer service life.

Directional Control Cast Iron Valve
Directional Control Cast Iron Valve

The cast iron directional control valve offers high corrosion protection and robust design making it ideal for robust applications.

Multi-Channel Directional Valve

We offer multi-channel directional valve that is suitable for mineral oil-based hydraulic oil.

Monoblock Directional Control Valve
Monoblock Directional Control Valve

Target Hydraulics offers a monoblock directional control valve with different control method.

Single Spool Directional Control Valve

The single-spool directional valve features inner check and relief valve.

Sectional Hydraulic Directional-Control Valve
Sectional Hydraulic Directional-Control Valve

These valves are designed with 63L/min maximum flow rate and ISO9001 certification.

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Brief History

The technological development for directional valve has historical roots in ancient civilizations. It is the time when water power is utilized for operating watermills.

During 20th century, modern directional valves were developed through the advancement of control systems and hydraulic technology.

Industries today such as manufacturing, agriculture, and more operate through hydraulic systems. This leads to the increasing need of efficient flow control. To address the needs, highly precise DCVs today are produced.


Target Hydraulics offers an efficient hydraulic directional control valve that is used across different industries including:

Industrial Automation

Automated equipment integrated with a hydraulic directional valve is guaranteed to have controlled movement. This equipment include conveyor belt, robotic arm, and more. Thus, allowing trouble-free assembly processes.


Directional valves are crucial for operating heavy machines in the construction industry like loaders, excavators, bulldozers, and more. They provide precise controls for different functions such as lifting or digging.


Agricultural equipment commonly have attachment. These attachment moves when the equipment is operating. To control the movement, a hydraulic directional valve is needed.  This allows precise farming operations.

Different Types of Hydraulic Directional Valve


As its name implies, a cylindrical spool is integrated in the valve. This spool moves within its body. Based on its position, you can identify the path of fluid flow. Thus, determining the fluid flow direction. Its configurations include:

  • 2-way – Allow or block the fluid flow in one direction, without affection the flow in the opposite direction
  • 3-way – Redirecting the fluid flow from one source into two distinct pathways
  • 4-way – Selectively route the fluid flow to the desired cylinder or actuator
  • 5-way – It has the same functionality with 4-way valve, however, it has an additional port for exhausting pressure

These types of DCVs regulates the flow of fluid using its cone-shape poppet feature. It can provide less leakage. Thus, making it ideal for applications with high pressure or critical systems. Poppet valves have two configurations including:

  • Direct-acting – actuated using only mechanical force. Does not require separate pilot system
  • Pilot-operated – actuated using pilot pressure. Thus, offering better versatility and control ability

It controls the flow of fluid through rotary motion. The rotary motion is caused by a rotating cylinder. There are two types of rotary valves including:

  • Sliding cylinder – the sliding cylinder feature of this valve is responsible for regulating the direction of fluid flow
  • Rotary spool – the rotary spool feature of this valve is specifically designed to control the path of fluid flow

Working Principle

Actuation Methods

Our hydraulic directional valve is designed with various actuation method. It includes:

Manual – valves are actuatable using either a lever or a knob. Thus, enabling simple and direct position control.

Solenoid – solenoid valves utilize an electrical signal as a means of actuation. Their ability to be remote controlled makes it ideal for automated system applications.

Hydraulic – a hydraulic pressure is needed to change the position of the valve. This actuation offers efficiency and precision.


Hydraulic directional valve uses symbols. These symbols help to convey information about the valve position. Its position includes:

  • Regenerative Center
  • Open Center
  • Closed Center
  • Float Center
  • Tandem Center
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