Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump

Target Hydraulics is Your Reliable Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump manufacturer and supplier in China.

A hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump is a combination of a DC motor, pressure relief valve, directional control valve, a hydraulic pump, and a hydraulic tank reservoir. Target Hydraulics Dump Trailer Pump is reliable, and the most powerful hydraulic Dump Trailer pumps you can get in the Chinese market today. 

With our expert engineers team and amazing customer service, Target Hydraulics will provide you the best hydraulic dump trailer pump in the hydraulic business market.

Target hydraulics standard Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pumps comes in two designs: The single-acting Hydraulic pump dump trailer and the double-acting hydraulic pump dump trailer.  

Target Hydraulics also provides you ODM/OEM services starting from the 3D design of the Hydraulic Dump trailer pump down to the actual production. All Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump will be tested before delivery to ensure the product specification, quality, and durability meet your requirement.

Target Hydraulics can also customize your hydraulic dump trailer pumps. Customized hydraulic manifold endhead and steel tanks all are available for your Hydraulic Dump Trailer pump order. You can also send us the LOGO of your firm, and we will write your LOGO on the hydraulic dump trailer pump as well as on the packaging boxes.

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Dump Hydraulic Pump

As a hydraulic power unit manufacturer, Target Hydraulics offers you different designs of dump hydraulic pumps.

DC 12 volt dump hydraulic pump for the trailer application is a big market.DC12 volt single-acting and 12v double-acting hydraulic pump are common electric hydraulic pump for dump trailer.

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Dump Trailer Pump

Target Hydraulics dump trailer pumps are complete with a DC hydraulic pump motor, a gear pump, a hydraulic tank reservoir, and a hydraulic manifold endhead with valves.

Double acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer and single acting hydraulic pump for dump trailer are our standard products. Dump Trailer Pumps are operated by 2 buttons cable remote or wireless remote.

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Electric Dump Pump

Electric dump pump for hydraulic dump trailer including 12 volt single acting&double acting hydraulic pump.

Both single and double acting Electric Dump Pump are electric hydraulic pumps for dump trailers. They can supply high-pressure oil to your dump trailer hydraulic system.

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What is your hydraulic dump trailer pump max working pressure?

Target Hydraulics design and manufacture the hydraulic dump trailer pump with max working pressure 3200PSI/210bar(21Mpa).

What is your hydraulic dump trailer pump max flow?

DC hydraulic dump trailer pump flow comes from the motor multiply by pump speed and loads from your dump trailer hydraulic system.
Our hydraulic dump trailer pumps flow range is about 1-5GPM.

What is your hydraulic dump trailer pumps motor size?

Target hydraulic dump trailer pumps motor sizes are 1.6kw and 2.2kw for standard trailer application. Up to 4.0kw with other special customized requirements.

What kind of hydraulic tank reservoir you can offer?

Both Steel and Plastic tank reservoirs are available.
Steel hydraulic tank reservoirs can be customized sizes.

What should we do if we want make customized hydraulic system?

Please send us your hydraulic schematics, and we also need to know the hydraulic motor, pump, and tank specs.
Target Hydraulics can also offer you hydraulic pump for trailer ramps.

What are your hydraulic pumps applications?

Applications including:hydraulic pump for trailer ramps ,12 volt hydraulic pump for dump truck,electric hydraulic pump for dump truck 4 ton lift,hydraulic pump for trailer ramps and other types.

How to operate these hydraulic dump trailer pumps?

DC hydraulic dump trailer pumps are battery-powered and operated DC hydraulic power pack. They can be operated by cable remote and wireless remote.


Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump FAQ



A Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump performs the functions of hauling and dumping dry bulk solids mostly by gravity. This machine also has the capability of moving the solids upward to a place where they will be stored. It is made up of a container mounted to a frame on wheels. Tilting of the containers is achieved using a hydraulic ram, and this is done to allow the dumping of the content through a rear outlet. A gate allows for the dumping of the solid.

A hydraulic pump system is a system that converts mechanical energy at the inlet of the system to hydraulic energy (hydraulic oil pressure) at the outlet of the system. In this hydraulic pump system vacuum created at the inlet section allows suction of hydraulic oil from hydraulic tank reservoirs into the gear pump inlet side, and by the mechanical action of and means of mechanical action or force, the hydraulic oil at the intake section is pushed to the outlet side from it entering the hydraulic system.


What is a Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump?

A hydraulic dump trailer pump is a pump that assists in the lifting and brings down of the hydraulic cylinder or hoist that performs the function of raising or lowering the dump container box. It is an integration of a dump trailer and a hydraulic pump. here hydraulic oil is supplied to the hydraulic system using what we refer to as a hydraulic power unit and this whole operation is done at a chosen flowing rate. The dump trailer hydraulic pump parts including:

  • A hydraulic tankreservoir
  • A DC electric motor
  • A hydraulic gear pump
  • A hydraulic manifold with some valves
  • An electric control system

dump trailer hydraulic pump parts

The Assembly of these components is what makes up a hydraulic trailer body that is capable of lifting or lowering loads.



A single-acting hydraulic pump for dump trailer: this the type of hydraulic dump trailer pump that has only one connection port between the end part of the electric hydraulic pump for dump trailer and the hydraulic cylinder to help the oil is pushing the hydraulic cylinder piston and retracting the oil back to the oil reservoir. It is this advance of the piston when pressurized by oil is one finds application in trailers. It is a power-up gravity down hydraulic pump system. This trailer body will be lift by a trailer hydraulic pump and lowering by gravity. This type of dump hydraulic trailer pump finds application in the lifting of light industrial and commercial loads. 

A double-acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer: this type of hydraulic pump has two connection oil ports between the hydraulic cylinder and the 12v double-acting hydraulic pump. One oil port at the lower area of the cylinder while the other one is at the upper area of the double-acting cylinder. Here, the hydraulic oil can be active on both sides of the double-acting hydraulic cylinder, and two hydraulic hoses are needed in each of the thread ports. One hose performs the function of lifting the dump trailer why the other is for lowering the hydraulic dump trailer. That is why this kind of trailer hydraulic pump is better than other designs. A double-acting cylinder hydraulic dump trailer pump is very important in lifting heavy industrial and commercial goods.


Motor: The dump trailer pump motor is that part of the hydraulic system that performs the function of converting the electrical energy of the coil into the mechanical energy of the shaft. The dump trailer pump motor unit makes use of power supplied either in the form of direct current. Some of the parameters consider while choosing this part of the system include the power rating, operating voltage, No-load speed (RPM), Stall torque, no-load current, and starting current. As it was powered by DC electrical battery, so, the starting current is very important for your trailer battery. A low starting current DC dump trailer pump motor will keep your trailer battery a long work cycle and long life.

hydraulic gear pump

Hydraulic Gear Pump:   the difference between an electric motor and a hydraulic gear pump, is that while energy conversion in motor energy is from electrical to mechanical while energy conversion in the hydraulic gear pump is from mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure. It is the part that consumes the mechanical power from the motor. The hydraulic gear pump is considered the heart of the hydraulic dump trailer pump.

Hydraulic Tank reservoir: a hydraulic tank for dump trailer is keep hydraulic oil and makes the oil heat exchange during working. The dump trailer hydraulic reservoir was made of plastic or steel. A plastic dump trailer hydraulic reservoir is much better than a steel one during heat exchange and checks the oil level. A steel hydraulic tank for dump trailer can be customized for different sizes and customized shapes.

hydraulic valve block: a hydraulic valve block was designed to mounting all valves, oil pipes, Motor, Gear pump, and dump trailer hydraulic reservoir. Normally it is an aluminum manifold block. It is light and easy to machine. Both solid aluminum and die-casting aluminum are used in the hydraulic dump trailer pump system.

Flow control valve: The flow control valve also known as the flow valve, helps in controlling flow by controlling the orifice parameter by a needle handle or spring. Normally speaking, there will be a flow valve in power up gravity down hydraulic pump system, and there is no flow valve in double-acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer. Because the double-acting cylinder speed was control by motor speed and gear pump size.

Dump trailer remote control switch: a hydraulic dump trailer pump was operated by remote. The dump trailer remote control switch comes with 3 wires and 4 wires,2 buttons remote.4 wire dump trailer remote control switch is designed for double-acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer. And, single acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer was complete with a 3 wire dump trailer remote control switch. Sometimes wireless remote comes with a hydraulic dump trailer pump kit.

How to install Hydraulic Dump Trailer Pump?

The next thing that follows the purchase of hydraulic dump trailer pump is its installation, and the installation procedure is as  follows;

How-to-Wire_DC800W-Motor-3 wire dump trailer remote

  • Connect all hydraulic fittings to hydraulic thread ports of the hydraulic pump and cylinders.
  • Connect hydraulic hoses to the ports of the pump and cylinder.
  • Use Fastener to hold the power unit of the hydraulic dump trailer pump to the body of the trailer
  • Connect the positive and negative terminal between the motor and battery.
  • Join dump trailer remote control switch connection with a quick connector on DC motor.

Fill up the empty dump trailer hydraulic reservoir with correct hydraulic oil and then get ready to make use of your hydraulic dump trailer pump.

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