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Are you in need of a high-quality hydraulic gear motor for your project? We’ve got you covered. Target Hydraulics manufactures gear motors with excellent performancefor your hydraulic system.

  • 8 up to 87 cc/rev displacement
  • 295bar pressure rating
  • Wide range of applications

Hydraulic Gear Motor Manufacturer

Hydraulic gear motors are an important component in different machines and equipment. These motors are responsible for converting hydraulic energy to mechanical energy. Thus, allowing the system to perform tasks such as powering or rotating different parts. It uses an interlocking gear mechanism that rotates and transfers power to accomplish desired tasks.

At Target Hydraulics, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Thus, we provide a complete range of hydraulic gear motors with high torque, bi-directional or single formats, various shaft options, with speed sensors, and different mounting flanges. We also provide specific gear motor designs to support different radial loads. Target Hydraulics understands that efficiency and reliability are crucial for your hydraulic systems. Thus, our gear motors are engineered to deliver optimal performance. You can assure that we provide competitive price and on-time delivery. Send us your inquiries today!

External Hydraulic Gear Motor
External Hydraulic Gear Motor

Our external gear motors are the ideal option if your applications need lower speed. These motors have lower operating pressure ranging from 100-150 bar.

Internal Hydraulic Gear Motor
Internal Hydraulic Gear Motor

We supply internal gear motors that are perfect for different industry applications including energy, marine, offshore, industrial, mobile, and more.

Epicyclic Hydraulic Gear Motor
Epicyclic Hydraulic Gear Motor

Target Hydraulics offers epicyclic gear motors also known as orbit gear motors. Our orbit motors offer less oil leakage, high torques, and a very low speed (5RPM).

Small Cast-Iron Gear Motors

We offer hydraulic gear motors that are made from cast iron material to ensure optimal performance, high-pressure, and accommodate different fluid types.

Low Speed Hydraulic Gear Motor
Low Speed Hydraulic Gear Motor

Our low-speed hydraulic gear motor features crankshaft connection, high-torque, and reversible rotation direction.

High Pressure External Gear Motor

The high pressure external gear motor we provide comes with square flange mounting and rectangle spline shaft.

Double Gear Hydraulic Motor
Double Gear Hydraulic Motor

Our double-gear hydraulic motor are designed to withstand high pressure making it ideal for machinery applications.

Aluminum Hydraulic Gear Motor
Aluminum Hydraulic Gear Motor

Target Hydraulics offers gear motor made from aluminum with fixed displacements pump and additional bearings.

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Why Choose Our Hydraulic Gear Motor

High Torque at Low Speed
High Torque at Low Speed

Our gear motors are designed with high torque at a low speed. Thus, making them ideal for applications requiring precise control and heavy lifting.

Durability and Longevity

We manufacture hydraulic gear motors that can withstand continuous operation and heavy loads without premature failures.

Offering High-Efficiency

Target Hydraulics gear motors are known for their high efficiency. Thus, minimizing operating cost and reducing energy wastage.

Compact Structures

We guarantee that our gear motors have compact structures making them easy to integrate in your existing hydraulic system.

Customization Options

At Target Hydraulics, we understand that every application is unique and one size does not fit all. Thus, we are offering a wide range of customization options for hydraulic gear motors. Our engineers will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements to tailor gear motors according to your needs.

Our customization options for gear hydraulic motors include features, sizes, and specifications. Do you have specific speed range, torque rating, or mounting configuration? We got you covered! We make sure that each gear motor we produce will suit your hydraulic system requirements.

Integrated with Rich Features

  • Automatic axial clearance
  • Wear-resistant shaft sleeve
  • Robust construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth performance
  • Fixed displacement pumps
  • 3-piece construction
  • Integrated with different valves

Target Hydraulics – Reliable Hydraulic Gear Motor Supplier

Target Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic gear motor using advanced production processes. Our production process begins with careful planning and design. After the design is finalized, we will start the mass production. All gear motors are fabricated using our state-of-the-art machinery. Our skilled technicians meticulously assemble the gear, case drain, shaft, bearing, and other motor parts. We can provide you hydraulic gear motor diagram upon your request. To ensure quality, we perform rigorous testing and inspection before the hydraulic gear motor leaves our factory. We adhere to international quality standards to guarantee that our hydraulic gear motor exceeds industry requirements.

Industries that can Benefit from Our Hydraulic Gear Motor

Construction Machines

Our hydraulic gear motors are designed to fit different construction industry applications and machinery such as:

  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Cranes
Agriculture Industry

Various agricultural equipment can benefit from the quality and durability of our hydraulic gear motors. This equipment includes:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Irrigation systems
Material Handling

Our hydraulic gear motors can provide the necessary power and control for different material handling equipment.

  • Forklifts
  • Conveyor systems
  • Warehouse equipment

Guaranteed that our hydraulic gear motors are tailored to meet the requirements of marine machinery such as:

  • Winches
  • Steering systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • We have been using Target Hydraulics gear motors for several years now for our construction equipment. We are extremely satisfied with the gear motor’s performance. The motors are reliable, durable, and deliver the power we need for heavy-duty tasks. Highly recommended!

What is the working principle of hydraulic gear motor?

The operation of hydraulic gear motor starts when the hydraulic fluid is transferred to the motor. This allows the gear set to move in a rotating manner.

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