Hydraulic Lift Valve

Product NameHydraulic Lift Valve
Part NumberEF-02 / ET-02 /KVS-01/KVS-02
Solenoid ValveNormally Closed/Open
Solenoid VoltageDC12V /DC24V/AC110V/220V/
Oil port threadBSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8” and more
 Manifold Material Aluminum 6061-T6
Working Pressure40bar up to 250bar, setting @180bar
Flow L/Mup to 25L/M
MountingFlange / M6/M8

Hydraulic Lift Valve


Hydraulic Power Unit lift table-hydraulic lift valve

Hydraulic lift valve is a compact hydraulic solution to control single acting hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic lift valve Blocks system completed with some hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic manifold block.

The whole hydraulic lift system can be lift up/down stably and the rate of the decline will not be influenced by the load.

Hydraulic lift valves part numbers are :EF-02 / ET-02 / KVS-01 / KVS-02.

Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1

Hydraulic Lift Valve Drawing_KVS-01



Lift Hydraulic Valve Code: KVS-01 / EF-02

They offer a complete solution for lifting:

  • Control single acting Hydraulic System
  • Hold Pressure for single acting cylinder
  • controlling lowering speed,
  • hydraulic system acting
  •  people safety.
  • Emergency Operating release hyd cylinder

  Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1


Hydraulic Lift Valve Code: KVS-02 / ET-02

Hydraulic Lift Valve Drawing_KVS-02


How hydraulic lift valve system work:

  • Lift Up:

The cylinder will be extended when the electric motor was switched on.

Then hydraulic check valve and hydraulic solenoid valve holds the system pressure,so, the hydraulic cylinder will be stay where it was.

  • Lower Down:

The electric hydraulic pump motor was switched off. For lowering the load solenoid valve was energized to release the hydraulic oil back to the tank from hydraulic cylinder. The lowering speed can be controlled by the flow control valve in hydraulic lift valve system.




Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1


Emergency Operating (Options):

In case of electrical power or hydraulic pump failure.

The load can be release by the lowering valve with an emergency button/ needle valve which was operated manually.


Typical applications: hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valve manifold system ,Hydraulic Lift tables, etc



Hydraulic Lift Valve catalog_KVS-02 / ET-02

Hydraulic Lift Valve catalog_KVS-01

Hydraulic Lift Valve catalog_KVS-01 / EF-02

Hydraulic Lift Valve catalog_KVS-01

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