Hydraulic Manifold Block

Hydraulic Manifold Block

Target Hydraulics is a hydraulic manifold block manufacturer for industry and mobile hydraulics designed and made in China. Our engineers design cartridge valve manifolds, hydraulic lift valves, and custom hydraulic manifolds with Solidworks.

They are used for industry hydraulics, truck hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, hydraulic power units, and many more applications.

Target Hydraulics provides high quality products and responsive and high quality service to our clients and distributors around the world. You have  found your target at Target Hydraulics.

cartridge valve mainfold

Our cartridge valve manifolds are designed with Solidworks and produced at a CNC machining center. Our cavity base fits ICC(industry standard cavities) 8# and 10# valves, and pressure up to 250bars, flow up to 60LPM.Typical applications: snow plows, forklifts, mobile hydraulics, and etc

Center Manifold Blocks

Center Manifold Blocks caters for multiple options of integral solenoid or mechanical operated control hydraulic valves as well as providing an interface for custom designed control valve manifolds system assemblies. , the central manifold/ENDHEAD/ drive plate has an option for pressure compensated flow control valves .

custom hydraulic manifolds

Based on our production capacity and our suppliers, our engineers design and service different custom hydraulic manifolds all over the world. Our CNC cavity tooling is from the USA, which ensures our cavity size meets our high quality standards, and matches industry standards.

Hydraulic Central Manifold

Hydraulic Central Manifold Housings  was a hydraulic manifold block made of aluminum material,6061-T6. All hydraulic power unit need this hydraulic manifold which connect motor and pump/tank .This central manifold offer both a single and double acting hydraulic circuits.

hydraulic lift valve

Hydraulic lift valve blocks are a compact hydraulic solution to control single cylinders that are generally mounted on hydraulic pumps and scissor lifts.The hydraulic lift valves function just like a single acting hydraulic power pack: they power up the lift cylinder, gravity lowers the cylinder and even system pressure that ensures safety for the hydraulic pump.

Our Engineers use Solidworks and Inventor for hydraulic manifold blocks and hydraulic power pack system design.

We can send you hydraulic valves, central manifolds, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic reservoir tanks, power pack motor IGS, and Sldprt 3D drawings when you are designing hydraulic power packs.

Applications for our wide range of compact hydraulic power units include scissor lifts, dump trailers, electric straddle stackers, tailgate lifts and others.

Mini hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valves, and hydraulic manifolds are our main products.

We are glad to assist you with hydraulic power unit aluminum toolboxes and hydraulic cylinders.

We sell our hydraulic power units to USA,Canada,Germany,Poland,UK,Australia and many more countries.

Our hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic valve manifold blocks are widely used in DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power units, and hydraulic manifold designs.

All our sales people are trained by engineers regarding typical questions and quality check problems.

Our Target Hydraulics team offers 24/7 online contact via email for sales and service.

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