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Target Hydraulics have an expert team to understand your application requirements such as pressure limitations, torque, and speed to help ypu choose the right motor for your hydraulic system.

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Hydraulic Motor Supplier

The hydraulic motors are considered mechanical actuators. It is responsible for converting fluid or pressure into rotation and torque. They play a crucial role in modern hydraulic machinery by utilizing hydraulic fluid within a closed hydraulic circuit to generate mechanical power. This allows for efficient and controlled movement in various industrial applications.

If you need hydraulic motors for your hydraulic system, Target Hydraulics is your best supplier. Our hydraulic motors has more than 8850lb-inch torque rating. You can also assure that it can provide up to 15000RPM output speed. We offer a broad size selections with various mounting type options to meet your hydraulic system requirements.

We are expert in designing and manufacturing a wide selection of hydraulic motors. At Target Hydraulics, all our hydraulic motors are manufactured with consistent reliability and excellent performance. Rest assured that we produce them while adhering to the highest quality standards. If you purchase hydraulic motors from us, you can guarantee 100% satisfaction. Please send us your inquiries today!

One-Stop Hydraulic Motor Solution

Hydraulic motors are one of the hydraulic system’s main components. We have a broad range of hydraulic motor selection to make sure that you will find the right one for your applications.

Gear Motors

These motors are commonly used for applications that need high-speed output such as agricultural machines or mobile hydraulics.

  • External Hydraulic Gear Motor

    External hydraulic gear motors are widely used for energy, marine, industrial, and more applications.

  • Orbit

    We offer orbit hydraulic motor that offers low oil-leakage. It is commonly used for different special applications.

  • Internal

    Target Hydraulics offers internal hydraulic gear motors that can generate large torque at around 5RPM speed.

Piston Motors

These types of hydraulic motors are designed with a high range of displacement and speed. It can be used for applications with 450bar maximum pressure.

  • Fixed Displacement Axial Piston Motor
    Fixed Displacement Axial Piston Motor

    Our fixed displacement axial piston motors are designed to operate for closed or open loop circuits.

  • Variable Displacement Axial Piston Motors

    Variable displacement axial piston motors serves as a hydraulic pump. It is used for different applications such as marine.

  • Fixed Displacement Radial Piston Motors

    We offer fixed displacement radial piston motors that utilized for cranes, excavators, winches, and more.

  • Variable Displacement Radial Piston Motors

    Target Hydraulics manufactures variable displacement radial piston motors that features star-like shape.

Vane Hydraulic Motors and Part-Turn Actuators

Target Hydraulics manufactures various vane motors for mobile equipment applications. While part-turn actuators are primarily designed for mix operations, opening valves, bunker slides, and more.

Why Choose Our Hydraulic Motors

High-Power Density

Our hydraulic motors can deliver high torque and power in a relatively small package.

Smooth Operation

We guarantee that our hydraulic motors can provide smooth and precise operation.


Target Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic motors with durable and robust construction.


Our hydraulic motors are designed with high efficiency making them energy-saving.

Hydraulic Motor Components

We manufacture hydraulic motors with quality and robust components such as:

  • Shafts
  • Housings
  • Plugs
  • Piston kits
  • Rotating groups, and more

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

We offer custom hydraulic motors to fit different industrial applications including:

  • Construction industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Marine Industry
  • Offshore Industry
  • Chemical Industry, and more

Target Hydraulics – Offering the Best Quality Hydraulic Motors

At Target Hydraulics, we offer hydraulic motors that are designed with  wide range of speed selections and flow levels. Be assured that you will find the right motor for your hydraulic projects. We have an expert team with rich experience and knowledge in hydraulic machinery. Aside from that, Target Hydraulics also offers value-added services. We can provide customers with consultancy services, parts repair, and more. OEM hydraulic motor design and services are also available to exceed your expectations. Our engineers will work closely with you to give the best hydraulic motor solution!

Hydraulic Motor Classifications

High-Torque Low-Speed

High-torque low-speed motors are popular due to its low audible noise, low maintenance, backlash-free, improved positioning accuracy, and dynamics.

Low-Torque High-Speed

Low-Torque High-Speed motors are also known to have high RPM. They offer lots of advantages including high-power factor and higher efficiency.

  • The hydraulic motor we purchased from Target Hydraulics truly exceeded my expectations. The motors have compact size and powerful performance that transformed our machinery’s efficiency. Thank you, Target Hydraulics!

  • The variable speed and torque capabilities of hydraulic motors from Target Hydraulics allowed us to tailor operations to our specific needs.

  • Surely, Target Hydraulics offer top-notch hydraulic motor. Its reliability under demanding conditions is exceptional, keeping our equipment running smoothly.

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