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Professional Hydraulic Needle Valve Manufacturer in China

Do you need a high-quality needle valve for your application or project? Target Hydraulics is your best supplier. We offer a wide range of needle valves tailored according to your needs.

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Low Maintenance

Hydraulic Needle Valve Supplier

Hydraulic needle valves are also called plunger valves. As its name implies, these valves are designed with a needle-like shape. These valves are primarily designed for controlling the flow of fluid or gas in the hydraulic system with higher accuracy. The hydraulic needle valves are made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or brass materials. Each material construction has specific industrial applications with lower flow rates.

Target Hydraulics offers hydraulic needle valves with a wide range of sizes selection ranging from ¼” to 1”. You can also choose from different working pressures from 6000PSI up to 10000PSI. We can also manufacture hydraulic needle valves according to your specifications. For your custom hydraulic needle valve, don’t hesitate to contact us.

½” NPT Thread Hydraulic Needle Valve
½” NPT Thread Hydraulic Needle Valve

These valves are designed with ½” NPT thread and they are made from stainless steel 316 material. Thus, ensuring maximum durability.

Hydraulic Double Ferrules Needle Valve
Hydraulic Double Ferrules Needle Valve

Our hydraulic double ferrule needle valves have a wide range of working pressures up to 3000 PSI and a maximum of 1” port sizes.

Fully-Adjustable Hydraulic Needle Valve
Fully-Adjustable Hydraulic Needle Valve

We manufacture a fully adjustable hydraulic needle valve through heat treatment processes, ensuring durability and less leakage.

Forged ½ Hydraulic Needle Valve
Forged ½ Hydraulic Needle Valve

Our forged ½ hydraulic needle valves are ideal for different applications such as petroleum, internal combustion engine, heavy machinery, and more.

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Why Choose Our Hydraulic Needle Valve

Precision Flow Control
Precision Flow Control

Our hydraulic needle valves are designed to ensure fine adjustments of flow rate. Thus, making it suitable for hydraulic applications that need precise control.

High Pressure Resistance
High Pressure Resistance

Target Hydraulics offers hydraulic needle valves that can withstand high pressures. You can be assured that these valves are perfect for hydraulic applications in extreme conditions.

Compact Design

We designed a hydraulic needle valve with a compact design and structure. These valves are easy to install and can be integrated into your hydraulic systems with limited space.


Target Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic needle valves using stainless steel, brass, and other materials. You can guarantee its durability and reliability.

Designed with Beneficial Features

Target Hydraulics designed a hydraulic needle valve with a tapered needle-shaped plunger. This plunger can fit into the valve’s seat. Therefore, allowing a more precise control of the valve’s flow rate.

We also manufacture these valves with threaded stems. It is responsible for making fine adjustments. The hydraulic needle valve also features elastomeric or metal seals to ensure leakage-free.

Due to their rich features, our needle valves are widely used for accurate flow control in hydraulic systems.

Components of Our Hydraulic Needle Valve

Our hydraulic needle valves are integrated with different components such as:

  • Bonnet
  • Packing
  • Needle-shape plunger
  • Valve seat
  • Actuator

Target Hydraulics – Your Trustworthy Hydraulic Needle Valve Supplier

Needle Valve Supplier

Target Hydraulics has more than a decade of manufacturing hydraulic needle valves. We produce these valves using meticulous production processes. Thus, ensuring precision, reliability, and durability. Our expert engineering team designs hydraulic needle valves according to your requirements such as flow ratings, pressure ratings, application specifications, material selection, and more. We have advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure that every hydraulic needle valve meets your specifications such as tolerances and dimensions. After the production, we conduct testing and inspection on each hydraulic needle valve to verify their performance and reliability.

Hydraulic Needle Valve Option You Can Choose


Target Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic needle valve sizes including:

  • 1/4-inch to 1-inch
  • Custom size
Material Selection

You can choose our hydraulic needle valve made from high-quality materials such as:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
Working Pressure

We offer hydraulic needle valve wide range of working pressure to meet your application requirements.

  • 6000PSI
  • 10000PSI
Connection Type
Connection Type

Our hydraulic needle valves are designed with various connection types that include:

  • BSPP
  • NPT

Hydraulic Needle Valve Applications According to Its Material

Carbon Steel

Our hydraulic needle valve constructed using carbon steel is used for different applications including:

  • Refineries
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Chemical
  • Wastewater
Stainless Steel

Hydraulic needle valves made from stainless steel material, specifically SS316, are used for applications such as:

  • Sampling system
  • Chemical processing
  • Corrosive handling
How does it work?

The hydraulic needle valve has an actuator. If you turn it on, the actuator will move the needle-shaped plunger upside and downside. The movement caused by the actuator changes the orifice’s size creating an opening to allow fluid. The flow rate may become slower if the orifice is small. On the other hand, a faster flow rate is possible with a larger orifice.

What is its purpose?

Precision. Hydraulic needle valves allow you to regulate fluid flow in a hydraulic system with maximum precision.

Safety. Because of its precision, hydraulic needle valves also have reduced potential leakage, making it safer to use.

Is it costly to maintain a hydraulic needle valve?

Actually, no. Hydraulic needle valve requires less maintenance. Thus, you can save money from costly repairs.

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