High-Quality Hydraulic Plugs

Providing a complete range of hydraulic plugs that surely meet your requirements.

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Offers leakproof sealing

Hydraulic Plug Supplier

We offer hydraulic plugs and caps that can provide your hydraulic components with maximum protection and tight sealing to avoid damage. Our hydraulic plugs have external threads and feature hex-shaped, square, or countersunk heads. While our caps have a hex-shaped head and internal thread. Target Hydraulics offers these plugs in an array of different materials including stainless steel, steel, carbon steel, and more.

Additionally, Target Hydraulics provides high-quality hydraulic plugs with thread sizes ranging from 1/16-inch to 2-inch. You can also choose different thread types, styles, and more configurations. Do you require standard or specialty/custom-designed hydraulic plugs? Target Hydraulics is your best manufacturer. Our complete hydraulic plugs and caps line are available in bulk quantity orders at an affordable price and on-time delivery. Please send us your inquiries today!

One-Stop Hydraulic Plug Solution

End Plugs (NPT)
End Plugs (NPT)

Our hydraulic end plugs are designed with NPT thread. It features hex head and durable stainless steel construction.

ORFS Plugs

We manufacture ORFS plugs that are suitable for different hydraulic hose ends. It comes invarious sizes and styles.

JIC Plugs

Target Hydraulics provides a wide range of hydraulic plugs with JIC threads. It features a 37┬░ cone seat and swivel fitting.

Metric Male Plugs
Metric Male Plugs

Our metric male hydraulic plug comes with various variations including 9K, 4E, 4K, 4H, and more.

BSP Plugs
BSP Plugs

We supply all types of hydraulic plugs with BSP threads. You can choose these plugs with 60┬░ seat.

Hose Plug
Hose Plug

Target Hydraulic offers wide selection of hose plug with different threads such as NPT, BSP, and more.


Our hydraulic plugs comes with a complete kit made from aluminum, steel, and more materials.

Flange Plug

We offer flange plugs that are widely used for high pressure applications such as mobile equipment.

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Hydraulic Plugs with Maximum Functionality

Target Hydraulics offers hydraulic plugs that are essential for safeguarding your hydraulic systems against corrosion, dirt, and more contaminants. Thus, providing a high level of protection during storage, shipping, transit, or manufacturing.

Plus, you can also use our hydraulic plugs when you shut down your equipment during repair or maintenance. These protective components can seal fittings and ports to prevent contaminants from entering.

Wide Range of Thread Types You Can Choose

Purchase our hydraulic plugs with thread types of your choice such as:

  • UNF
  • BSP
  • Metric
  • JIC
  • ORB
  • NPT

Why Choose Target Hydraulics as Your Hydraulic Plug Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics specializes in research, designing, development, manufacturing, and delivery of hydraulic plugs. We manufacture hydraulic plugs using our advanced production technology. Each plug undergoes surface treatment and over 500 hours of white rust testing to ensure excellent anti-corrosion properties. These procedures ensure the durability and long-life service of each hydraulic plug. Thus, you can use these plugs for applications with aggressive environments and harsh conditions. With their durability, our hydraulic plugs are suitable for application with changing temperatures and high-pressure ratings up to 630 bar. All our hydraulic plugs have passed strict quality control testing and certifications. Target Hydraulics only manufactures the best quality hydraulic plugs at a competitive price.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications


We manufacture hydraulic plugs that are designed to meet specific requirements of the transportation industry. These are widely used for the following automotive applications.






Target Hydraulics offers reliable hydraulic plugs and caps that can provide the needs of the mining industry. It features male and female threads that will surely fit different mining equipment and machinery.


Our hydraulic plugs are used for different agricultural equipment such as harvesters, tractors, and more. These plugs can seal the hydraulic hose ends of farming equipment. Thus, protecting them from dirt while performing agrarian processes.

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