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Your Professional Hydraulic Power Pack Components Supplier in China.

As a leading hydraulic power pack manufacturer, you will get a fair price from Target Hydraulics.

Target hydraulics is always improving ourselves to serve you and your clients better every day.

We are driven by years of power pack designing, engineering, and manufacturing, so you will never find anything better than us.

Different Hydraulic Power Packs

DC double action hydraulic power pack units

Our DC mini hydraulic power packs are designed with a DC motor, aluminum housing blocks that hold cartridge valves, and a high performance gear pump.

We provide you DC motors from 350W to 4500W, with flow from 2LPM to 16LPM, and pressure up to 210bars.

double acting hydraulic pump -ac power pack

AC hydraulic power packs are designed for industry and construction work.

They offer a wide range of hydraulic flow for different applications, such as machine tooling, scissor lifts, balers, and customer’s special request hydraulic systems.

12v double acting hydraulic pump units

Target Hydraulics is a mini hydraulic power pack manufacturer in China. The small power packs are popular because of their compact size for different applications.
The mini power packs are small in size, but provide high pressure and powerful flow for hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors.

mobile hydraulic power pack

Target Hydraulics offers you a 24-volt power pack hydraulic and a 12v hydraulic power pack for your request.

All these DC hydraulic packs are driven by DC motors, mounting on mobile hydraulic applications.

industrial ac hydraulic power pack

Both 240v and 220v hydraulic packs are single-phase hydraulic power packs.

Target Hydraulics also provides you with three-phase AC motor hydraulic pack systems.AC motor hydraulic power packs are mostly used in industrial hydraulic applications.

Compact sizee hydraulic power pack

Our Hydraulic mini power packs are designed with compact size, to meet your customers’ space-limited request on their mobile applications.

Target Hydraulics offer you hydraulic power pack double acting and single acting. Compact size power pack pressure up to 210bar for compact space working.

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Hydraulic Power Packs Applications

  • 12v Power Unit for Telescopic Cylinder

    DC Hydraulic Power Packs are for mobile hydraulic applications.

    Electric hydraulic pump for dump trailer some are power up gravity down, some others are power up/power down design.

  • hydraulic power unit

    Our AC hydraulic power packs are designed with modular valves and standard hydraulic tank reservoirs with between 3 and 50 liters capacity.

    Hydraulic lift power packs are most comon in diffent hydraulic lift applications.

  • Snow Plow 12v dc double acting Hydraulic Power Units-2

    Snow plow 12v dc hydraulic power unit is one of the mobile hydraulic applications.

    There are many different designs for the Snow plow market.

  • tipper hydraulic pump -single acting dc power pack unit

    Tipper pumps were designed for tipping trailers and trucks, they are DC voltage single-acting hydraulic power packs.

    They come complete with a dc motor, gear pump, hydraulic oil tank, center manifold blocks, and some valves, also a button remote control switch.

Hydraulic Power Pack Components

Power Pack Manifolds Design

We always analyze in deep what you and your customers really need from hydraulic power pack design and application.

With high-quality hydraulic components and flexible manufacturer ability, Target Hydraulics will bring your customers reliable, durable, and High Performances hydraulic power packs for sale.

hydraulic power unit manifold design
design hydraulic power pack

Power Pack Design

Your electric hydraulic power pack design and the drawing will be supported by Target Hydraulics professional team from China.

Just send us your Hydraulic diagram and main hydraulic components speciations, you will get your hydraulic power pack design drawing and hydraulic mini power pack components checklist exploded view PDF drawing.

Cartridge Valve Manufacturing

Different types of cartridge valves on hydraulic pump power units:

  • Check Valves
  • cartridge relief valve
  • solenoid cartridge valve
cartridge valve grounding
Hydraulic power pack Manifold Machining

Hydraulic Manifold Machining

After Designing and Manufacturing Target Hydraulics is also a  hydraulic manifold manufacturer.

We can machine all types of aluminum block and manifolds

  • hydraulic power pack manifold
  • Die-casting center endhead housing
  • Lift valve block

Power Packs Assembly

Both AC and DC hydraulic packs are available for your business.

  • Sample power pack assembly manual
  • Bulk orders assembly by production line.
  • Experience Hydraulic Expert

Ask Target Hydraulics and get your hydraulic power pack for sale now!


Power pack Assembly line
hydraulic power pack unit test bench

Power Pack Test Bench

Target Hydraulics Power Pack Unit Test Bench designed with latest electrical-hydraulic technology.

  • Test AC/DC hydraulic pump power unit
  • Pressure and Flow Curve Computer
  • Power Pack Test Data Record


Your Professional Chinese Power Pack Hydrualic Unit Factory and Supplier!

hydraulic power pack pump assembly-1
double acting Power Pack unit packing- delivery

Your professional hydraulic components supplier can help your project from an idea to a product.

Send us your inquiry and get your hydraulic power pack price now!

hydraulic power packs

Target Hydraulic power packs for application solutions


Target Hydraulics is a manufacturer of mini hydraulic power packs for industry and mobile hydraulics; we have over 10 years of experience. Our hydraulic mini power pack and hydraulic valve manifold blocks are designed and made in China.

Our engineer’s design 3D drawings for hydraulic blocks and small hydraulic power packs with Solidworks. Our DC and AC hydraulic power pack units are for transport, machine tooling, car lifts, tipping trailers, materials handling, trailers, scissor lifts, and so much more.

Target Hydraulics products have been exported to over 20 countries. We provide high quality and 100% of our products are inspected before delivery. OEM and ODM are available for our clients and distributors around the world.

Hydraulic Power Packs- The Complete FAQ Guide

What do we refer to as hydraulic power packs?

To put it simply, power packs are a form of unit system that contains a hydraulic gear pump, a motor, and a hydraulic reservoir. Hydraulic packs will use fluids to transfer power between different locations. The power generated from hydraulic power serves as a drive for hydraulic machines.

Do you need to lift heavy materials or machinery? Target Hydraulics sells hydraulic power packs that provide the best service to help you out. They harness their functional power from calculations of areas and pressure according to Pascal’s law of physics.

Hydraulic Power Packs manufacturer

Hydraulic Components

Reasons why you should choose our hydraulic power packs.

Standard and Custom Design

Our hydraulic power packs were designed in a way that it functions in wide and various mediums. They can deliver perfectly in any circumstance. They operate from less complicated motor pump units to an assembly of stacks that operates in different functions. What we are saying is we provide services that meet the exceed your needs, their expectations of performance level, the quality of service up to the cost that they can afford.

For this reason, we have continued to invest in advancing our designs and productions. We have adequately improved on developing multiple application modes and engineering techniques. This growth has helped us to advance significantly in the variety of our hydraulic packs and also we have been able to provide our customers with custom-made power packs that are tailored to meet their requirements in flexibility, size, and power control.

Compact And Noise Efficient

We are considering our customers and keeping our focus on effective operation, so we made hydraulic power pack units which are currently very popular for being compact with a highly advanced product design over time.

Pushing our designs, we understand that installed power should be transferred efficiently and effectively. As a known fact, presently in our world, the cost of energy is important to be reduced to the minimal level and the influence on environmental balance should be significantly lower, hence the more important our product designs are in today’s world.

We are majorly concerned about high quality, manufacturing our product parts with careful precision, and developing hydraulic power pack parts specifically for a purpose. With these attributes, our hydraulic power packs have been considered noiseless when in operation. This is our selling point, where we offer lasting solutions for industries and companies where they prefer more silence to noise. You can be sure that our hydraulic power packs are what you need to enjoy powerful, smooth, high quality, and noise-effective operation in the application. We have got you, contact us today, we have one hydraulic power pack solution for you.

DC Hydraulic Power Packs

DC Hydraulic Power Packs double acting and single acting


Available Hydraulic Power Packs Options

Typical Power Unit Options

We have options for hydraulic power packs that you can choose from depending on which suits your needs better for application.

We have;

Typical Power Packs Options

  • DC motors; 12 vdc, 24 vdc, 48vdc 60VDC,  and 72 VDC which is 150W – 4.5KW
  • AC Motors; 1ph – 110vac, 220/240 vac, 3ph – 380/415 vac which is 0.25kw – 7.5KW.

Our die-casting central manifold and flanges adapter, couplings can suit with B14flanges industrial AC motors. You can choose big AC motor brands whatever you want.

  • Hydraulic pumps are 0.19cc to 9.88cc (up to 320bar), Group 0.5 and 1.0, also 2.0 is option.
  • Hydraulic Reservoirs; 0.1litres – 50litres and more. Which systems are closed. Both plastic reservoirs and steel reservoirs are available.

DC Hydraulic Power Pack

DC Hydraulic Power Pack with Plastic Reservoir

Typical Control Options

  • Lift to check and solenoid lower
  • P & T ported and flange interface
  • Variety of flange for controls hydraulic power pack in single and double applications.
  • Custom-made cartridge valve systems like integral, angles, and in-line.
  • Operation types include manual, mechanical, sequence, and solenoid.
  • Manual overrides, and emergency hydraulic hand pumps
  • Solenoid coil voltages, different DC and AC voltages
  • Solenoid coil terminations with flying leads, din plugs, and dual spades.
  • Environmental resistance solenoid coils: AMP Superseal, AMP Jr, Deutsch.
  • Pendants control, buttons remote control.



AC Mini Power Packs

  • 1ph and 3ph mini power packs up to 30LPM and 250 bar
  • Use our AC mini hydraulic power packs for car lifts, dock levelers, CNC machine, and so on
  • Quick delivery via ordering and building from stock hydraulic parts.


If you wish to know more about our hydraulic power pack, please contact us today, we are ready to give you details information.

DC Mini Power Packs

We provide you with 12 VDC and 24 VDC Motors which can be single or double-acting power packs. It is applicable in tippers and trailer trucks , mobile hydraulics and lifts, and so on.


What Are DC Hydraulic Power Packs?

Target Hydraulics is widely known as a manufacturer of hydraulic power packs. We are in a network with a group of trained experts that manufacture the highest quality hydraulic power pack systems. We engage in using high-level quality materials, skills, and expertise with the best of advanced machinery. Our power pack systems are manufactured to operate on direct current. We create, design, and put them together with technology that can be considered as cost-efficient.

We develop DC hydraulic power packs, using advanced technology that can be compared with other world standards which have a wide range of use for example in cement trucks, wheelchairs, forklifts, cranes, portable presses, personal lifts, and many other hydraulic system application.

We are very able and we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer in designing, creating, and portraying the best range of great quality mini hydraulic power packs. We manufacture these products by making use of high-quality raw materials. Our unique raw materials are obtained from reputable, reliable, well-known, and up to the task vendors who are currently on top of the market. We follow every rule and regulation strictly, guiding the fabrication of hydraulic power packs.  We stack these power packs together neatly and as tightly as we can with expertise so they come out well minimized.

These mini dc power packs contain mostly inbuilt valves, use car batteries in control essentials.

Motor Options For DC hydraulic Mini Packs

  • Voltage – 12v  and 24v
  • Power rating is from 0.5kw to 4.5kw
  • Pump Option: 0.19cc per rev to 8.0cc per rev

Car carriers and trucks

Car carriers and trucks

Applications of DC hydraulic Mini Packs

  • Car carriers and trucks
  • Platforms
  • Broadcasting vans
  • Compact Hydraulic Machines
  • Lifts
  • Pallet lifters/trucks
  • Battery operated trolleys
  • Hydraulic Hoppers


Choosing The Right Hydraulic Power Packs

In hydromechanics, what is referred to as hydraulic power packs are components of a hydraulic set that is used in supplying a hydraulic system with oil at a predetermined flowing rate. It consists majorly of an electric motor, a tank, and a hydraulic pump these components units are assembled to produce a certain amount of power that can be used to drive any Executive agency such as a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.

How to choose a hydraulic power pack?

So that you can make the best choice for a hydraulic power pack, it is quite necessary, to begin with knowing how much Nominal power required which will be according to the hydraulic power pack flow rate chosen, the bars pressure content which is determined by the efforts that would be applied.

Nominal Power – This is the motor power that is used to drive the hydraulic pump.

This is indicated in units as Watts (W) or Kilowatts (KW).

Nominal Flow Rate – This refers to the amount, volume of liquid that the pump is capable of sending into the hydraulic system within a certain time.  It is expressed in hydraulic systems either as how much oil will push to the hydraulic systems, such as liters per second (l/s) or liters per minute (l/m), Gallons per min,(GPM)

Nominal Pressure – This is the amount of force that the hydraulic pump can hold, which usually depends on the amount of power that the engine has. It is expressed in units as pascals (PA) or bars/PSI/Mpa .

You must ensure that you calculate the unit power you have because it could be of more benefit to having extra power in the case that you have to use it for other needs in the future. It is important to know that extra excessive pressure can harm the different hydraulic components of your hydraulic system. Also note that, in the case that your hydraulic does not have enough power, the machine it is used for will not adequately operate it. Also, look out for the size of the hydraulic tank in your hydraulic system, its size capacity should be able to adequately supply the whole of the hydraulic system in the measure of the needed flow rate and usability level.

Also, you need to pick a hydraulic power pack based on the application, whether it is continuous or intermittent use. If you use it more than the advised operating period as stated by the manufacturer, this may cause your system to overheat, the hydraulic fluid oil will evaporate and the electric engine will probably damage.

The operating rates highlighted by DIN VDE 0530 are the following;

S1 – Continuous work duty.

S2 – Short-term duty which can generate little quantity of heat, the load will determine the operating time.

S3 – Intermittent duty – running intermittently to control heating, a particular time cycle such as in 3 to 10 minutes.

By considering your source of energy, you can now choose the type of motor you want, among the available options, are air-driven, electric, and combustion/gas engine.

gas engine power pack

Gas Engine Power Pack

Lastly, depending on the conditions of operation for your hydraulic power pack, you may now choose your preferred option to meet your needs. For instance, you should prepare for oil preheating for your hydraulic power pack which will be used in regions with negative temperatures.

How Should Your Hydraulic Power Pack Be Powered?

Typically, a hydraulic power pack engages a motor in driving the hydraulic pump. This is particularly for a combustion engine or an electric motor, although you may find air-powered units or driven by a hydraulic motor used in getting from an existing circuit, a much higher pressure hydraulic circuit.

Electric Motor; Generally, you can get here power packs that are powered with electric motor systems of an alternating current or a direct current. Direct current motors are found in vehicles operating hydraulic power packs which can be mobile hydraulic applications, such as commercial vehicles or forklifts, and they are usually powered by batteries, on the other hand alternating current hydraulic motors are used in hydraulic systems that are applicable in industries, large workshops, and products factories.

Combustion Engines: If you have to use a hydraulic system outdoors and you need a hydraulic pump pack unit that is electrical but it is not readily available, you can replace it with diesel, gasoline-powered hydraulic power unit, or gas combustion engine. You can find different ranges of combustion engines to cover different needs. For instance; a single-cylinder gasoline combustion engine is capable of developing a power of up to 4 HP for a start which is about 3 KW while you can also find a diesel or gas-consuming engine starting from 100 HP which is about 73KW.

Air-powered: You may choose to use an air-powered hydraulic power unit if you have an available pneumatic circuit that makes you get hydraulic pressure. This option is of benefit if your hydraulic power packs will be applicable in an atmosphere prone to explosion for instance.

Which Size Should You Choose For Your Hydraulic Power Pack?

Most hydraulic power pack manufacturers have classified hydraulic power packs into three main divisions ;

Micro Hydraulic Power Packs; micro hydraulic power packs are compact units that are custom made to built-in small-sized motorized machine systems.

This type typically has a flow rate that is maximally 5 liters per minute and the highest pressure that can be up to 210 bar. They are equipped with 500 watts at most with direct current electric motors.

Mini Hydraulic Power Packs; Generally, mini hydraulic power packs have a limit of 30 liters per minute flow rate and a 315 bar estimate of its maximum pressure. They are often mobile, small size, built on mobile frames with wheels or they can be stationary. They are also built with direct current electric motors which are usually about 4.5 KW,sometimes an alternating current electric motor also as an option .

Standard Hydraulic Power Packs; This type of hydraulic pack has a flow rate at a maximum of 100 liters per minute and the highest pressure of approximately 350bar for some of the units although they are used to meet several needs by using regulated pressures between 210 bar to 350 bar in operation. They can also be either mobile or stationary. That is, their body is built on wheels, and can be transported if the body frame is specifically designed to be attached to a pallet truck or in larger units they can remain stationed.

Forklifts Powered by DC Power Packs

Forklifts Powered by DC Power Packs

What Can We Use Hydraulic Power Packs For?

Hydraulic Power Pack can be referred to as the center of every hydraulic systems unit and circuit system. As an example, they are used in different applications that require large, heavy, and directional lifting or used in forces for a repeated directional force which is powerful or with any cylinder designed devices, some of them include;

-Waste compactors

-Safety doors



-Tractor-mounted excavators


-Pantograph lifting devices

-Log loaders.

-dock levelers


What Are The Main Hydraulic components for a Hydraulic Power Pack?

  • Engine or motor
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Hydraulic Manifold Block, also called central manifold endhead.
  • Hydraulic valves:check valve,relief valve,release valve,flow valve,directional valve.
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Tanks: Plastic and Steel material are all avaiable.
  • Control system, manual or electrical
  • Hydraulic parts such as couplings, suction filters, oil pipes, fittings

What Are The Other Important Characteristics To Consider?

For your hydraulic power pack to perform more efficiently and last for a longer time you must ensure that the oil is adequately cooled. In certain cases, you can also install an air cooler very close to the filtration unit such that the oil is consistently within the range of the operating temperature.

Besides, for some cases, you may need to heat the oil, most especially when you want to kick start a hydraulic power unit.


DC Power Pack Single Acting Drawing

What Kind of Hydraulic Fluid Oil Should Be Used In Hydraulic Power Packs?

The truth is hydraulic oil if chosen currently will extend the life of your machine and reduce the total running costs. There are a large variety of hydraulic oils with different ranges of prices in the market today.

Depending on your applications you would have to choose within the range of viscosity grade (VG) and the types of hydraulic fluid.

To select any hydraulic fluid, you must consider if the viscosity will be properly used to meet the requirements of your hydraulic system pump will be the best step to start with. Oil manufacturers will indicate the different levels of oil viscosity. This will be relevant for different varieties of pump types.

Piston  pumps: 10 – 160 CST

Vane pumps: 14 – 160 CST.

Gear   pumps:10 – 300 CST.

Industrial machines are generally made to run in a neater, conservative, and stable area. But for outdoor environments and mobile users are more likely to have extreme varying temperatures, much higher humidity, and more demanding duties.

What Your Hydraulic System Severe Will The Duty Be?

The duty would be generally referred to as the period of operation, environmental reasons, the probability of being contaminated, maintenance, and so on.

Heavy-duty requires that there’s a large supply of mineral oil and adequate additive packages like an HVLP to increase the quality of performance or when selecting a proper synthetic oil.

Hydraulic systems that have a longer running period, using a fluid that has a high viscosity index of a VI of more than 130 will prevent damage and avoid early breakdowns because it extends the lifespan of hydraulic pumps and their components.

What are the operating temperatures and pressure?

When the temperatures are farther to the extreme such as below 50℃ and above 60℃ with the pressures at more than 250 bar using fluids that contain a good blend of additives will be essential. Using oils from minerals such as HM/HLP will work very well in the most common applications because they contain additives that avoid wear, prevent oxidation, and improve viscosity. Oils that are 100% synthetic will extensively perform more than mineral hydraulic oil which will make sure that the lubricity and viscosity stay consistent for a longer time.

Viscosity Grade;

Every hydraulic oil should possess low viscosity grade when it is light and higher viscosity when it is thicker. Usually, hydraulic oils are light enough to go through the suction filter, suction pipes, inlet hydraulic pumps without much hindrance.

On another note, the hydraulic fluid should not be too light to prevent wear caused by lack of adequate lubrication, and also it would keep the internal leakage to the barest minimum. The average viscosity grade is declared at 40°C.

Below are some examples of fluid viscosities at different temperatures (measured in centistokes at temperatures in degrees C).

Water – :1 at 20°C, 0.66 at 40°C and 0.48 at 60°C

Honey –:9,000 at 20°C, 800 at 40°C and 200 at 60°C

Hydraulic Fluid Oils at common Viscosity Grades:

  • ISO VG 32 –:  85 at 20°C, 32 at 40°C and 15 at 60°C
  • ISO VG 46 –: 140 at 20°C, 46 at 40°C and 20 at 60°C
  • ISO VG 68 –: 210 at 20°C, 68 at 40°C and 30 at 60°C

Hydraulic fluid oil

Hydraulic Fluid Oil

According to DIN ISO 2909 that the viscosity of oil changes by temperature. The viscosity index (VI) on an average level is usually from 90-110. Any viscosity from 130 and above is regarded as very unyielding to change in temperature.

Hydraulic equipment that is used in different large scale commercial industries should have at least a viscosity ranging from 12 to 80cst.

Specifications of Hydraulic Oils

There are a very wide range of hydraulic oils that can be used with hydraulic power packs, they are common;

Hydraulic oil (ISO11158-HM); is a mineral-based oil with different grades that are operated in light-duty applications which has moderate temperature and pressure.

Hydraulic oil (DIN51524-2-HLP): It is mineral-based and contains additives used for oxidation, protection against wear, and corrosion. These are used in typical applications where temperature and viscosity levels are considered.

Hydraulic oil (51524-3-HVLP): This is a premium level mineral-based oil indicated by HLP but with an improved temperature reaction in viscosity.

Biodegradable hydraulic oil: HEES, HEPR, HETG, and HEPG an advancing technology although still not capable of replacing mineral oils in all applications. When at a high temperature, there is a limitation on storage and the lifespan of service.

Fire Resistant Fluids: (ISO12922 – HFA, HFB, HFC, and HFD) – HFC, HFA, and HFB specifically contain water solutions that can only be used with specially made products. They cannot be used for hydraulic systems that contain aluminum parts and paint products. One must make sure to check seal compatibility.

For our hydraulic power packs, we would suggest the following:

Heavy Duty Medium Duty Light Duty

Micro Hydraulic Power Packs


HM 32

HM 32

Mini Hydraulic Power Packs


HLP 32

HM 32

Standard Hydraulic Power Packs


HLP 32

HM 32

Custom Made Systems HVLP 32 HVLP 32

HLP 32


The general choice of hydraulic oil: 32# for all hydraulic power packs to be used only in applications of light and medium-duty. 46# hydraulic oil is suited to higher temperatures area.

These numbers can be thought of in this way: the higher the number the thicker the oil and the lower the number, the thinner the oil.



Q: How can we help you with hydraulic power pack 3D designs?

Our Engineers use Solidworks and Inventor for hydraulic manifold blocks and hydraulic power pack system design.

We can send you hydraulic valves, central manifolds, hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic reservoir tanks, power pack motor IGS, and Sldprt 3D drawings when you are designing hydraulic power packs.

Q: What applications do your hydraulic power units have?

Applications for our wide range of compact hydraulic power units include scissor lifts, dump trailers, electric straddle stackers, tailgate lifts and others.

Q: How many types of hydraulic components do you offer?

Mini hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valves, and hydraulic manifolds are our main products.

We are glad to assist you with hydraulic power unit aluminum toolboxes and hydraulic cylinders.

Q: What are your manufacturing capabilities for hydraulic products?

We sell our hydraulic power units to USA,Canada,Germany,Poland,UK,Australia and many more countries.

Our hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic valve manifold blocks are widely used in DC hydraulic power units, AC hydraulic power units, and hydraulic manifold designs.

Q: How does the Target Hydraulics team provide customers with 24/7 technical support?

All our sales people are trained by engineers regarding typical questions and quality check problems.

Our Target Hydraulics team offers 24/7 online contact via email for sales and service.

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