AC 380v or 430V 4P hydraulic press power packs

Hydraulic Press Power Pack Manufacturer and Supplier!

  • AC Hydraulic Press Power Pack
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Manual Operated Hydraulic Press Power Pack Units

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Ningbo Target Hydraulics is your best choice of hydraulic press power pack supplier. We can offer you different designs of AC hydraulic press power packs. Double acting and Multipurpose design AC hydraulic press machine hydraulic system. Motor side up to 3Kw, Hydraulic Pressure up to 315Bar. Hydraulic oil tank up to 120liters.

Hydraulic Press Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Pack for Pressing Machine

AC hydraulic press power pack unit complete with AC motor,Gear Pump,Hydraulic valves,Manifold blocks and oil tank.

2HP AC 380 v double acting hydraulic power unit hpu

Mini and small press machine hydraulic power packs widely use for waste packing machines.

Hydraulic Press Power Unit Hydraulic Pump Power Pack
Electric Double Acting Unit

Hydraulic press machines normally work with an electric double acting hydraulic power pack unit.

double acting Hydraulic Press Power Unit-ac power pack
Press Double Act Unit

Hydraulic Press Power Packs are designed with a double acting hydraulic circuit. Easy to press and lift hydraulic cylinder.

Tyre Press 220V AC Hydraulic Power Pack China Manufacturer & Supplier

Hydraulic press machine system work with many different kinds of hydraulic power pack components.

Hydraulic Press Power Unit Hydraulic Pump Power Pack parts China Manufacturer & Supplier
Hydraulic Power System

Hydraulic press machines need a strong and powerful hydraulic power system to press things under hydraulic cylinder.

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Hydraulic Press Power Pack Components

Hydraulic Press Power Pack Applications

Hydraulic Press Power Pack Design

Target Hydraulic Power Packs and Components Design:

  • AC Hydraulic Power Pack
  • DC hydraulic pump unit
  • hydraulic press power pack
3HP hydraulic press power pack Design
Hydraulic stacked Valve and Threaded cartridge valve for press Power Pack

Hydraulic Valve for Power Pack


  • Hydraulic Check Valves
  • Relief Valves
  • Solenoid Cartridge Valves

Hydraulic Manifold Machining


  • Manifold Design
  • Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturering
  • CETOP Manifold and Do3 manifold
press power pack hydraulic Casting manifold machining
CNC machine

CNC Machining

Hydraulic Manifold blocks and valves need drill holes for different applications.

  • Drill steel or aluminum
  • CNC drilling machine
  • Manual drilling machine

Hydraulic Press Pack Testing


  • hydraulic power pack components
  • AC hydraulic units
  • Hydraulic troubleshooting.
3HP hydraulic press power pack hydraulic system test bench

Hydraulic Press Power Pack and Components Manufacturer and Supplier!

valve machine
cartridge valve grounding

Target Hydraulics offers you a wide range of hydraulic press power pack and components.

AC220v hydraulic press power pack

More Hydraulic Power Pack Components

Do you offer hydraulic power unit design service?

Yes, Target Hydraulics offers you 2D&3D hydraulic power pack unit drawing design service.

Will you make OEM packing service?

Yes, Target Hydraulics can make OEM or ODM products as your requests.

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