Hydraulic Pressure Valve

Working medium Hydraulic oil
Cavity 8#,10#
Max operating pressure 3600PSI(250 bar)
Max Flow 0~28LPM
Internal Leakage: Less than 5 drops/min
Temperature: ,-30° F ~ +250° F (-35°C to +120° C)

Hydraulic pressure valves include hydraulic pressure reducing valves and hydraulic relief valves.

 hydraulic Relief Valve

 hydraulic Relief Valve

All hydraulic systems must have a pressure relief valve in P line with the pump. The pressure relief will drain into the tank. Because Hydraulic fluid oil is normally non compressible, if the fluid can’t go anywhere the pump will stop or failed. And this maybe damage the pump and system components . The relief valve will control the maximum pressure in the hydraulic system to limit the system pressure below the safety pressure level.

Typical applications: hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cartridge valve manifold system ,mobile hydraulics, etc

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