Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Dump trailers usually carry heavy loads such as construction materials, dirt or coal. To deposit/dump these materials to the ground, a hydraulic pump system is used to do the lifting.

A hydraulic pump operates by converting mechanical energy into fluid pressure with the aid of an electric motor. It is used in hydraulic drive systems in dump trailers to generate enough fluid pressure that can lift heavy loads.

Functions of Pumps in Dump Trailer Hydraulics

Hydraulic pump operates on a positive displacement mechanism or through fluid displacement in the system.

This is achieved by creating a vacuum at the inlet pump thereby forcing liquid into the inlet pump from the reservoir. This liquid is then pushed into the outlet pump by mechanical action and into the hydraulic system.

The system-generated pressure is enough to lift the load to the maximum allowed height as per the system settings.

Different hydraulic fluids are used for different applications and system configurations. Thus, choosing the hydraulic fluid that best suits your hydraulic pump and its function is vital for efficient work output.

Functions of Pumps in Dump Trailer Hydraulics
Troubleshooting Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Hydraulic pumps for dump trailers may develop mechanical issues such as leakage, unusual noise, pressure loss, etc. To diagnose the issue, troubleshooting is carried out by:

  • Shutting down the system
  • Inspecting oil levels and checking for possible leakages
  • Checking filters and unclogging strainers
  • Monitor temperature
  • Checking for broken or torn parts.
  • Seeking professional assistance

Hydraulic pumps in dump trailers are a vital part in performing heavy laborious task of lifting and lowering the truck’s load.

It is therefore important to choose a pump that best suits your dump trailer and ensure that it is properly maintained.

Types of Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Different hydraulic pumps for dump trailers exist as seen below.

Gear Pumps

Gear pumps consist of two gears rotating together in opposite directions. By doing so, they force fluid to move from a low-pressure point to a high-pressure point through them.

They rarely break down and are therefore preferred pumps compared to other hydraulic pumps.

Vane Pumps

These consist of rotating shafts attached to the inside part of a pump housing cavity. Fluid trapped between the vanes in the inlet pump is forced out of the pump as the vanes rotate generating fluid power.

Several shafts are used to achieve a tight seal between the pump housing cavity and the vanes. Additionally, shafts are designed to minimize the metal-metal contact inside the pump to reduce wear and tear.

Piston Pumps

Piston pumps move back and forth inside a cylinder forcing fluid inside the chambers, and compressing it to generate fluid flow and pressure.

They create higher pressure power compared to gear pumps.

There are different types of piston pumps:

  • Axial piston pumps
  • Radial piston pumps
  • Fixed displacement piston pumps
  • Positive displacement piston pumps
  • Variable displacement piston pumps

Maintaining Pump for Hydraulic Dump Trailer

Regular Inspection

Schedule a regular inspection of the pump and have a checklist of parts and maintenance tasks to be completed.

Some of the inspections to be carried out include;

  • Bleeding out air of the lines
  • Repair torn seals and horses

Following the Manufacturer’s Manual

This is the best source of information when it comes to the maintenance of the hydraulic pump for the dump trailer. The manufacturer’s guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to reinstall and maintain the hydraulic pump to ensure peak performance.

Top up Fluid

Hydraulic pump uses hydraulic fluid which needs to be kept at full level at all times. This ensures moving parts of the system are well lubricated avoiding damage due to friction.

In case the fluid levels reduce due to leakages, replace the leaking parts to avoid further loss of fluid levels.

Keep Strainer Clean

A pump strainer helps trap coarse debris from the fluid keeping them out of the hydraulic system. Over time, the strainers become clogged up with dirt preventing efficient performance of the hydraulic pump.

This can be detected by increased pump noise reduced pressure or total failure of the pump system.

Regular removal of particles from strainer prevents material build up keeping the system from damage. This can be done using solvents such as kerosene or by blowing dry air using air horse from the inside out.

Choosing the Best Pump for Dump Trailer Hydraulics

When selecting a hydraulic pump for a dump trailer, several aspects need to be considered beforehand. Here are some of the tips to use while making your selection:

Size Appropriation

Size is an essential parameter when choosing a hydraulic pump for a dump trailer. You should consider the physical dimensions of the pump against the system’s space, mounting options, inlet and outlet ports, etc.

This will assist you choose the pump that perfectly fits your dump trailer hydraulic system.

Pump Type

Different types of pumps are available for use in dump trailer hydraulics namely; gear, vane, and piston pumps. Each of these pumps has merits and demerits in terms of efficiency, maintenance, cost, noise level, durability, etc.

Depending on your application and budgetary requirements, you can select the most suitable pump.

Flow rate and Pressure Requirement

Determining the system’s required maximum and minimum operating pressure that needs to be generated against the load. With this information, it is easier to select the best hydraulic pump for the job.

Your Application Factor

Understanding factors such as noise level, life cycle, operating environment, etc. is important in selecting a hydraulic pump system. This will help you decide on the best pump during the selection process.

Compatibility with Existing System

We cannot emphasize enough about the compatibility of the pump with the hydraulic system of the dump trailer. Choosing a compatible pump in terms of fluid is important for the efficient functionality of the pump.

Seek Expert Advice

In case you are not sure what hydraulic pump is most suitable for you, contact a reputable hydraulic expert to help you.

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