Hydraulic Pump and Motor

Product Name Hydraulic Pump and Motor
Oil port thread BSPP3/8”  SAE6# and more
Remote control Electrical control
Motor Voltage DC12V  DC24V AC240V AC415V
Gear Pump From 0.75cc/r to 8.0cc/r
Working Pressure up to 180bar
Tank/Reservoir customized size
Flow L/M From 3L up to 25L
Mounting Horizontal


Hydraulic Pump and Motor


Hydraulic pump motor units assembled with electrical motor and hydraulic gear pumps. They are simple hydraulic pump system without hydraulic tanks. Hydraulic pump and motor system driven by electrical motors. Each hydraulic pumps and motors unit is designed and manufactured by Target hydraulics in China with our local suppliers.


Hydraulic Pump and Motor- DC Motors:

Our wide range of DC motors come with DC12V,DC24V; electric power from 0.5kw up to 4Kw.

Hyd PUMP Motor Power Pack


Up to 2 kw DC hydraulic pump motors (S3 work duty DC motors)

Hydraulic pump & motor systems with powerful 12V DC and 24 V DC motors complete with an hydraulic gear pump creating pressure up to 300 bar and flow up to 20 L/min. Each hydraulic power pack unit comes with a Group 1 hydraulic aluminum gear pump.



4 kW DC pump motor with fan units (S2 or S3 work duty DC motors)

hydraulic pump and motor system

These small DC electric hydraulic pump systems assembly with a fan-cooled electric DC motor and aluminum hydraulic gear pumps. Each hydraulic motor and pump system offers flow up to 32 L/min and pressure up to 210 bar. The fan-cooled part make hydraulic motor pump system DC motors work duty S2 and S3 possible.

dc-motor-and-hyd-pump sets drawings

Download DC Hydraulic Pump Motor  Drawing

Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1

Hydraulic Pump and Motor- AC Motors:

Our wide range of AC motors voltage come with AC110V,AC220v,240v,AC380V,AC415V, single-phase and three-phase; electric power from 0.37kw up to 3Kw. 50Hz or 60Hz. And customized AC hydraulic pumps and motors system are available.


Each AC hydraulic pump motor is available with a hydraulic gear pump, which can be fitted to offer hydraulic fluid pressures to 250 bar and hydraulic fluid flows to 55 L/min.



Our engineers design hydraulic system with Solidworks and latest hydraulic technology to support our clients’ different hydraulic applications. Contact Target support team if you want our Hydraulic pump and motor system matched with your requirements.


Hydraulic Pump and Motor Drawings

Hyd PUMP Motor Power Pack





dc-motor-and-hyd-pump sets drawings


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