Hydraulic Relief Valve

Hydraulic relief valves are widely used in the hydraulic system for controlling or limiting the pressure. With this valve, the preset pressure level cannot be reached or exceeded. Thus, ensuring safety within the system. Controlling the pressure within the system can help prevent hazards such as fires, equipment failures, instrumental damage, and more.

If you need a hydraulic relief valve supplier for your hydraulic systems, Target Hydraulics is your best choice! We offer hydraulic relief valves with a wide range of flow ratings, thread or port size, and maximum pressure. You can also choose from our comprehensive range of specifications, designs, and sizes. Both standard and custom hydraulic relief valves are available to meet your requirements. Please send us your inquiries today!

Different Types

There are various types of hydraulic relief valve according to its classifications – structure, action type, and function.

According to Structure

  • Ball-Type

    The ball-type of hydraulic pressure relief valve has a simple structure. It is also a cost-effective hydraulic relief valve. However, it is only ideal for small flow rate.

  • Poppet-Type

    These type of hydraulic relief valves can be used for applications with large flow rate. It also offers longer life service, quicker response, and less leakage.

  • Spool-Type

    The spool-type hydraulic pressure relief valve is also ideal for large volume flow applications. However, it is only ideal for smaller pressure range.

According to Action-Type

  • Direct-Acting

    The direct-acting hydraulic pressure relief valve offers smaller overshoot and faster response. It acts as a safety valve responsible for reducing an impact at a larger deviation of pressure regulation.

  • Pilot-Operated

    The pilot-operated hydraulic relief valve has a small deviation of pressure regulation. However, it can guarantee higher accuracy of pressure control. It is widely used for applications that require higher accuracy and slower response.

  • Soft-Type

    These types of hydraulic relief valve can release the pressure before it surges to the inlet port and reach the predetermined level.

According to Function

Hydraulic Relief Valve Used for Different industries

We offer hydraulic relief valves that are used for the following industry applications:

  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Petroleum Refinery
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Mobile
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Industrial
Hydraulic Relief Valve Used for Different industries

Main Function

Target Hydraulics offer hydraulic relief valves that works with different functions such as:

  • Preventing high pressure that can cause damage to the hydraulic piping or components.
  • Preventing the electric, diesel engine, or other hydraulic power to stop due to heavy loads.
  • Prevent excessive force that can damage the ball or poppet.
  • Maintaining the pressure level in the entire hydraulic system within a specific range.

How Does it Work?

The operator can set the desired level of pressure necessary in the hydraulic system. The relief valve will automatically open once the set pressure level is reached. Therefore, preventing the equipment from operating beyond its pressure level limits.

A poppet, spool, or ball is integrated against the valve’s spring. Enough amount of pressure will push these components and force the valve into an open position. Once the valve is opened, it allows an auxiliary pathway where the pressurized fluid can flow. It also allows an appropriate disposal of pressure in the hydraulic system.

When the pressure is reduced below the set level, the valve will close and maintain the flow and pressure rate.

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