Dependable Hydraulic Rotary Valve Manufacturer in China

Target Hydraulics offers high-quality hydraulic rotary valves with a comprehensive selection of custom-built designs to meet your requirements.

  • Unique designs
  • Special features
  • High-quality materials

Hydraulic Rotary Valve Supplier

Hydraulic rotary valves are used in the hydraulic systems to control the hydraulic fluid flow. It operates by rotating around an axis to regulate the fluid flow. It has a rotor with passages that align with the valve’s outlet and inlet ports. The position of the rotor is adjustable to control the hydraulic fluid flow path. Thus, allowing a more precise flow rate, pressure, and direction regulation.

Are you looking for a hydraulic rotary valve for your project? Target Hydraulics is your best manufacturer. We can supply hydraulic rotary valves with special features to prevent oil leakage. You can choose these valves in different station numbers, RPM, and rated pressure. Our hydraulic rotary valve will help you achieve optimal performance in your system. Send us your inquiries today!

One-Spool Rotary Hydraulic Valve
One-Spool Rotary Hydraulic Valve

We designed these one-spool rotary hydraulic valves with excellent working pressure ability, easy to install, easy to maintain, and excellent characteristics.

Hydraulic Rotary Excavator Valve (1)
Hydraulic Rotary Excavator Valve

Target Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic rotary excavator valves that are widely used due to their high-quality steel construction and wide working pressure range.

Rotary Hydraulic Pump Valve
Rotary Hydraulic Pump Valve

Our rotary hydraulic pump valves are designed with fine craftsmanship to ensure high performance, durability, and longevity of your hydraulic system.

6-Way Hydraulic Rotary Valve

These are commonly used in a hydraulic system of machinery such as tower cranes, graders, aerial work vehicles, cranes, excavators, and more.

Hydraulic Rotary Diverter Valve

We offer hydraulic rotary diverter valves made from cast iron. It features a 90L/min rated flow, a maximum pressure of 315 bar, and a self-operated type.

Integral Structure Hydraulic Rotary Valve
Integral Structure Hydraulic Rotary Valve

Our integral structure hydraulic rotary valves are manufactured with compact structure, convenient operation, and free assembly.

Hydraulic Rotary Lever Handle Valve

These valves are self-operated and have 40L/min flow rate and 350bar maximum pressure. They are commonly used for construction machinery.

Hydraulic Rotary Directional Control Valve

Target Hydraulics offers a hydraulic rotary directional control valve with 315 bar operating pressure and 240L/min maximum flow rating.

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Why Choose Our Hydraulic Rotary Valves


You can ensure that our hydraulic rotary valves are low maintenance while maintaining durability. Thus, reducing operational costs.


We can manufacture sanitary hydraulic rotary valves for you. It is ideal if you are in the pharmaceutical or food industries.


All our hydraulic rotary valves in the factory can be tailor-made according to your specifications and application requirements.


Target Hydraulics designed rotary valves with versatile flow rate control. Thus, it can easily adapt even to the most challenging applications.

Features of Our Hydraulic Rotary Valves

  • It is commonly used in a rotary table to clamp the cylinder
  • Rotatable rotary housing for a leak-free performance
  • Comes with a single circuit for clamping control
  • It can be a double-circuit for clamping separation
  • Back pressure can be avoided if the drain port is connected to the oil tank independently

Wide Range of Advantages

  • Provides uninterrupted hydraulic fluid flow
  • Offers tight sealing of the outlet and inlet port
  • Ensures process integrity since materials used are not prone to degradation
  • Increases the operator’s safety
  • Less material spillage
  • Improves your machine’s efficiency

Target Hydraulics – Your Reliable Hydraulic Rotary Valve Manufacturer in China

Target Hydraulics is a professional hydraulic valve manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality products. We supply both standard and custom-made rotary valves to suit your application requirements. With our modern production facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, you can guarantee top-notch hydraulic rotary valves to boost your machine’s efficiency and performance level. If you have a specific design, size, pressure rating, or other hydraulic rotary valve requirements, our team will work closely with you. Let us work together!

Some Components of Our Rotary Valve


The housing encloses all the hydraulic rotary valve’s components such as the rotor, drive parts, bearings, and more. It is also where the hydraulic flow path encompasses.


This is an element that is designed with vanes creating an open chamber. It rotates to close the valve during the operation. Then, it rotates again to open the outlet.


The inlet part of the hydraulic rotary valve is where the hydraulic fluid enters. It is commonly attached to the ducts or valve’s hopper.


It can also be located at the duct or hopper. This part is where the hydraulic fluid exits.

How do you design hydraulic rotary valves?

Target Hydraulics designed rotary valves through different factors such as:

  • Material characteristics
  • Flow rates
  • Pressure differentials
  • Operation temperature
  • Motive power
  • Space constraints
  • Based on your requirements
How to choose the right hydraulic rotary valve for my applications?

To choose the right hydraulic rotary valve, you may consider the following:

  • What is your application?
  • What housing design do you need?
  • What rotary material design is compatible with your application?

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