Superior Performance Hydraulic Single Acting Cylinder

Engineered through state-of-the-art technology, our hydraulic single-acting cylinders can deliver unmatched precision and force. Thus, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

Hydraulic Single-Acting Cylinder Manufacturer

Our hydraulic single-acting cylinders are designed to operate in a single direction. This design allows your hydraulic system to work reliably and effortlessly while providing high efficiency. With its single port at the bottom, this pumps the pressurized fluid to fill the whole cylinder. Thus, offering a controlled precision and smooth piston extension.

Whether you need a low-maintenance yet powerful cylinder, our hydraulic single-acting cylinders are your best choice. With their simple structure and robust construction, our single-acting cylinders can provide the necessary power for your application.

Target Hydraulics supplies a broad selection of hydraulic single-acting cylinders with rod sizes ranging from 20mm up to 60mm. These sizes can extend up to 100mm or 700mm. It also comes with various surface finishes and configurations to meet your requirements. Request a quote today!

Diverse Selection of Hydraulic Single-Acting Cylinder

Heavy-Duty Lift-Type Single Acting Cylinder
Heavy-Duty Lift-Type Single Acting Cylinder

We manufacture these cylinders with fine workmanship, chrome plating finish, and corrosion resistance.

Tie-Rod Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

These cylinders are designed for construction, forestry, agriculture, and more industries.

Long Stroke Telescopic Single-Acting Cylinders
Long Stroke Telescopic Single-Acting Cylinders

We provide these cylinders with a wide range of mounting options such as eye-trunnion, double eye, etc.

Ultra-High-Pressure Single-Acting Cylinders
Ultra-High-Pressure Single-Acting Cylinder

These cylinders are designed with 280MPa maximum pressure rating and two-speed design.

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Boost Your System with Our Hydraulic Single-Acting Cylinder

Robust Construction
Robust Construction

We manufacture these cylinders using high-grade materials. Thus, you can ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear even when used in demanding environments.

High Precision
High Precision

Our single-acting cylinders are perfect for applications requiring exacting standards and smooth operation due to their consistent force.

Compact Design

With its streamlined structure, our cylinder fits seamlessly into tight spaces. Thus, making it perfect for applications with constrained space or limited room.

Cost Effective Solution

We designed hydraulic single acting cylinders with minimized energy consumption while maximizing output. This allows you to reduce your operational costs.

Manufactured According to Your Specifications

Target Hydraulics provides OEM services to provide you with custom-built solutions tailored according to your needs. Our custom options include:

  • Bore sizes
  • Stroke length
  • Mounting style
  • Material requirements
  • Pressure ratings
  • Special paints and plating
  • Treatment options

Why 1000+ Clients Trusted Our Single-Acting Cylinder Supplier

Why 1000+ Clients Trusted Our Single-Acting Cylinder Supplier
Why 1000+ Clients Trusted Our Single-Acting Cylinder Supplier

Our experienced team of engineers uses advanced production equipment in manufacturing single-acting cylinders. With our in-house complete factory and capability, you can get cylinders with unmatched performance.

As a leading manufacturer, Target Hydraulics offers a one-stop hydraulic single-acting cylinder solution. We can help you from designing, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, assembly to delivery. You can also guarantee that we provide all-around services such as quick lead time, innovative engineering, performance-built solutions, and strict quality control certifications.

Our expert team is dedicated to supporting you if you need technical assistance. Feel free to contact us!

Hydraulic Single-Acting Cylinder for Your Industry Application

Agricultural Machinery

Our hydraulic single-acting cylinder can provide precise action and power for your agricultural equipment.

Manufacturing Processes

We designed our cylinders to improve productivity and accuracy in your assembly lines and production facilities.

Construction Equipment

With our single-acting cylinder, you can ensure reliable operation and increased efficiency in your construction projects.

Automotive Industry

Achieve precise control and operation on your automotive lifts and presses with our hydraulic single-acting cylinders.

Technical Details

Pressure Ratings 200 Bar
Test Pressure 300 Bar
Maximum Speed Rating 0.5m/s
Temperature Range -30°C-90°C
Media Hydraulic Oil
Testing Pressure Drop Detection System

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