dc hydraulic tipper pumps-hydraulic pump for tipping trailer equipment system

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  • Designing & Manufacturing Hydraulic Components
  • Single Acting Hydraulic Tipper Pump for Trailer
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Target Hydraulics is your professional hydraulic tipper pumps manufacturer. Our engineers and staff are driven by years of hydraulic components production. You will always get a fair hydraulic tipper price.

Hydraulic Tipping Pumps

12 volt Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer

Hydraulic Tipper Pump units with plastic hydraulic oil tank. The plastic tank size can be from 3 liters up to 12 liters.

12v double acting hydraulic pump units

Target Hydraulics supply you with different size of steel hydraulic tanks tipper pumps,Both of square and round steel tanks are available.

mobile hydraulic power pack

Tipper pack hydraulic pumps are DC hydraulic power packs, they are designed to work with tipper trucks. Single-acting and double-acting are most common.

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Hydraulic Tipper Pump Systems Components

  • Tipper Hydraulic Valves

    Target cartridge valves for hydraulic tipper pumps include check valve, pressure relief valve. solenoid valves,etc

  • Tipper pump hydraulic manifold blocks machined from Aluminum or die-casting aluminum. They can hold pressure up to 280bar.

  • tipper hydraulic plastic tank for Snow Plow Hydraulic Power Unit
    Tipper Hydraulic Tanks

    Hydraulic tipping pumps keep hydraulic oil with plastic or steel hydraulic tanks. Target offers you different tanks and parts.

  • hydraulic tipper gear pumps
    Tipper Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic gear pumps create high-pressure oil in the hydraulic tipper pump system to lift the trailer body.

  • hydraulic tipper pumps solenoid-trailer
    Tipper Pump Solenoid

    Start solenoid for dc hydraulic power pack are the most import component in a hydraulic tipper pump system.

  • 3 wire dump trailer remote control-hydraulic pump for tipping trailer switch

    the 2 buttons remote controller used for controlling the tipper truck lift and down.

  • hydraulic pump motor for tipping trailer
    Tipper Hydraulic Pump Motors

    Tipper Hydraulic Pump Motors are DC voltage motors, DC12v and DC24v are most common.

Hydraulic Pump for Tipping Trailer

Different hydraulic pumps for tipper trailers

  • DC12/24 volt hydraulic pump for tipping trailer
  • single acting hydraulic pump for tipper truck
  • double acting hydraulic pump 12v dump trailer
tipper hydraulic pump for tipping truck
3d tippier hydraulic pump manifold drawing design

Tipper Hydraulic Manifold

Design and manufacture better tipper hydraulic manifolds to bring you and your clients high performance hydraulic pumps

  • Single Acting hydraulic Manifold
  • Casting tipper hydraulic manifold

Tipper Blocks Manufacturing

Target Hydraulics machine all types of aluminum hydraulic blocks and manifolds.

  • Casting and extrusion aluminum block manifolds
  • CNC Machine running 24 hours
  • more than 30+ CNC machines running



casting italian manifold machining -tipper truck pump pack unit

Tipper Hydraulic Valves


  • Tipper Hydraulic Solenoid Valves
  • Relief valve for Tipping Trailer
  • Tipper Hydraulic Check Valves

Dump Trailer Pump Production

Your tipper hydraulic power pack pump for dump trailer production will be supported by Target professional team.

  • Power up/Gravity down hydraulic pump
  • 12v dc hydraulic pump for dump truck
  • 24v dc tipper hydraulic pumps
hydraulic tipper pumps manifold assembly
hydraulic tipping pump unit for trailer test bench

Tipping Hydraulic Pump Test

Target Hydraulics hydraulic test bench designed with latest hydraulic technology.

  • Pressure (PSI/bar) and Flow (LPM/GPM)
  • Pressure drop and leadking
  • Electric Voltage and Current (Amps)


Your Professional Hydraulic Tipper Pumps Manufacturer in China!

12v hydraulic tipping pack pump assembly
single acting Power Pack -hydraulic Tipper Pumps

Hydraulic tipping pumps are used on different dump trucks of both DC12v and DC24vvoltage, They are battery operated hydraulic power packs for mobile applications, such as commercial or construction dump trucks. Ask Your DC Tipping Power Pack Units Now!


hydraulic tipper pumps-DC tipper hydraulic power pack
How can you help with hydraulic tipper pumps designs?

Our Engineers use the latest 3D/2D software for hydraulic dump pump design. We can send you hydraulic components 2d/3d drawing when you need them.

How much pressure your tipping system supply?

The tipping pump is working with DC motor and small gear pump, so, pressure is designed no more than 250bar.

How many types of hydraulic tipper pumps do you offer?

Dump trailer pumps are mainly 2 different designs: single acting and double-acting. Both of them are complete with 2 buttons remote.

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