industrial hydraulic power unit

Product Name Industrial hydraulic power unit
Control System Computer and PLC
Max Pressure Up to 350bar
Motor DC &AC electrical motor
Gear Pump up to 45cc/rev
Working Pressure 25bar up to 280bar
Tank/Reservoir From 25Litres to 360 Liters
Flow L/M From 30LPM to 200LPM
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

Industrial  Hydraulic  Power  Unit

If you would like to control force, speed, or position of the industrial equipment, you may need the help of the industrial power supply—Industrial Hydraulic Power Units. Industrial hydraulic power pack can drive a flexible hydraulic system with its stacked manifold and the large capacity oil tank.Hyd power units station

Industrial power packs can be multi-combined to meet more complex industrial applications, such as water treatment, industrial manufacturing, mining and so much more.
industry power unit

Hydraulic pressure gauge and temperature gauge can be equipped to the industrial power unit to measure the operation of the hydraulic system. If there are abnormal parameters, the hydraulic power system should be immediately stopped and be troubleshooting by analyzing the fault data.

Industrial Hydraulic Power Units components including:

  • Electrical Motors
  • Hydraulic Pumps : High Pressure and flow.
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Tank:Steel material and big size
  • Hydraulic Manifold Blocks:Steel or Aluminum material for CETOP valves or cartridge valves.
  • Filters and pipes
  • Etc
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