Mini Hydraulic Power Packs

Product NameHydraulic mini power pack
Oil port threadBSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8”
Remote control2 butons remote or wireless remote
MotorDC12V/24V  500W/800W  3200RPM
Gear PumpFrom 0.19cc/r to 2.0cc/r
VoltageDC12V or DC24V
Working Pressure30bar up to 210bar,normally setting @170bar
Tank/ReservoirFrom 0.8L up to 3.2L
Flow  L/MFrom 0.45L up to 6.3L
MountingHorizontal/ vertical

This mini power pack dimensions are very small and compact, so, we also call them small hydraulic power packs or small hydraulic power units. They offer high pressure with low flow for single action hydraulic systems or double acting small hydraulic cylinders.
Our 12v DC hydraulic power packs and 24v DC hydraulic power packs are used for single acting hydraulic cylinders, they increase cylinder power that decreases with gravity.

How to wire DC Hydraulic Power Pack Unit

First, the motor runs and pressure oil come from the hydraulic gear pumps through our standard aluminum central manifold to single acting hydraulic cylinders. When the motor stops, the cartridge check valve and 2 way hydraulic valve with normally closed functions will hold pressure for the cylinder.And then,remote control pendant operate solenoid valve release hydraulic pressure from system,to make single acting cylinder gravity down to closed.

A single acting hydraulic cylinder can be used for many different applications, such as a small mobile lift, a vehicle lift.

All of our mini power packs have single acting hydraulic schematics, 2 way cartridge solenoid valves with normally closed/open, and check valves for holding cylinder pressure to make sure the cylinder doesn’t drop.

Target Hydraulics provides small hydraulic power pack DC motors from 350 watts to 800 watts, and AC motors from 0.25Kw to 0.75Kw for 4 poles. All of the power packs are suited for house designs and manufacturer aluminum manifold blocks. Our aluminum manifold port threads are normally 1/4”BSPP or 3/8”BSPP.

Target Hydraulics designs and manufactures mini hydraulic power-packs. Our hydraulic power pack manufacturer is located in Ningbo, China. We produce high performance hydraulic power packs in China, and this enables Target Hydraulics to be competitive in the world market with reasonable prices.

DC Hydraulic Power Pack

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