Your Dependable Choice for Quick Connect Hydraulic Fitting Solution

Does your application need a reliable, quick, and leak-free connection? Target Hydraulics quick connect hydraulic fittings is your best choice! These fittings are specifically designed to meet all your requirements.

Quick Connect Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics offers specialized quick-connect hydraulic fittings. These components are designed to join different hydraulic lines quickly without requiring special tools. Our fittings allow you to streamline the connecting and disconnecting of your hydraulic hoses and equipment. Thus, making them ideal for your applications that require frequent maintenance.

Our quick-fitting hydraulic couplings comprise coupling plugs or male ends and coupling bodies or female ends/sockets. These two parts is responsible for connecting the hydraulic lines to other hydraulic equipment. It comes with different connection types. This includes universal connections, pull-to-connect, threaded connections, and push-to-connect.

Additionally, we offer these fittings with unique features such as sleeves, flush-face designs, and more. You can also choose from different end ports, pressure ratings, valve styles, and materials. If you haven’t found the right fit for your project, we can customize your design. Rest assured that all our quick-connect fittings will suit your industrial applications. Please send us your inquiries today!

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Quick Connect Steel Male Coupling
Quick Connect Steel Male Coupling

These fittings are designed with ½-inch thread size, ball lock, BSP thread, and zinc-plated finish.

Female Carbon Steel Quick Connect Coupling
Female Carbon Steel Quick Connect Coupling

We manufacture these quick-connect hydraulic fittings using carbon steel materials and ¼-inch BSP thread.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Quick Connect Fitting
Stainless Steel Hydraulic Quick Connect Fitting

Our quick connect fittings are made from stainless steel materials with ½-inch NPT thread size.

Brass Quick Connect Hydraulic Coupling
Brass Quick Connect Hydraulic Coupling

Target Hydraulics manufactures these fittings using brass materials for durability and leak-free connection.

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Optimize Your Hydraulic System with Our Quick Connect Fittings

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

With their easy-to-use functions, you can easily connect or disconnect them in your hydraulic system. Thus, allowing you to save time.


Our quick-connect fittings are manufactured with precision to ensure tight and leak-free sealing.


These fittings are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durable and resistance to extreme conditions.


We designed these fittings with secured locking mechanism. Thus, ensuring reliable operation and prevents accident disconnection.

Wide Range of Size Selections

Target Hydraulics quick connect hydraulic fittings in different sizes. You can choose from various sizes including:

  • ½-inch
  • 3/8-inch
  • ¼-inch
  • 1/8-inch
Wide Range of Size Selections
Available Port Types

Available Port Types

Our expert team can help you find the right port types for your applications such as:

  • ORFS
  • NPT
  • BSP
  • SAE
  • JIC

Why Choose Our Quick Connect Hydraulic Fittings

Target Hydraulics manufactured quick-connect hydraulic fittings according to the highest standard. Thus, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Compared to other sealing solutions, our quick-connect fittings are the most cost-effective. We offer competitive pricing without compromising exceptional quality.

Aside from that, we also offer expert support. If you need assistance with your quick-connect fitting solution such as installation or selection, our team will gladly help you. Feel free to contact us!

Quick Connect Fitting for Your Industrial Applications


If you are in the construction industry, you can use our quick-connecting hydraulic fittings to ensure reliable connections in your equipment such as excavators, loaders, and more.


Whether you deal with tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machines, our fittings can provide you with secure and quick hydraulic connections.

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