Recycle Equipment Hydraulic Pump Unit

Working medium Hydraulic oil
Motor Voltage AC110/220/380/415V
Motor Power up to 5.5kw
Max pressure 3600PSI(250 bar) or more
Flow Rate 0~28LPM
Gear Pump up to 7.2cc/r
Hydraulic Fittings 1/4″ or 3/8″ Fittings
Temperature: ,-30° F ~ +250° F (-35°C to +120° C)

Hydraulic power units are available in a variety of applications, especially the waste Recycling Equipment.

With the powerful pressing ability of the recycling equipment power unit, hard waste can be effectively reduced, and available for processing and recycling.
recycling machines

Waste equipment is also referred to waste compactor. Following are common recycling machines:

1) Bin baler
Bin baler power unit is one kind of baler equipment normally operated at AC220V/AC380V.Pressure from 180bar up to 250bar even more.
cardboard baler
By the control of the electrical box, bin baler power pack can achieve “power up, power down”, and bin will be pressed into a very small size under 210bar pressure, and then can be simply recycled by the metal manufacturer.

can recycling machine

2) Car flattener or car crusher
Car flattener needs more powerful recycling power unit to deal with the huge metal recycling. With the heavy power from the car crusher hydraulic power unit, the scrapped cars will be pressed into flat flakes.
car recycling equipment

As different recycling baler needs different recycling power pack, Basic Hydraulic power unit is a small hydraulic system complete with:

  • AC Motors
  • Gear Pumps
  • Hydraulic Tank Reservoirs
  • Hydraulic Manifold Blocks
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Small hydraulic components


Target always focus on Recycling, Our Packing and manufacture always use Recyclable material  and we are glad to help you choose the right recycling hydraulic power unit for your Recycle Equipment . 

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