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Hydraulic Injury.

Hydraulic Safety

 Hydraulic safetySafety first!

Do not work without wearing safety glasses or ”Full-Face” protection when you work on a hydraulic system/hydraulic power pack.

Release Hydraulic systems or hydraulic power pack high pressure first before you make any hydraulic trouble shooting or replace any hydraulic component from system.

Know Hydraulic fluid power!

Before Trouble shooting you should:

-Know the function of each single hydraulic component in the system.

-Knowing how components function is the key to know how and why hydraulic components fail,how to safety to trouble shooting ,how to replace a correct hydraulic components to the hydraulic systems.

-Know the system’s normal operating parameters.

General speaking a mini hydraulic power pack working pressure up to 3200PSI(220bar/22Mpa). We normally setting at 160bar(16Mpa/2320PSI) or 180bar(18Mpa/2610PSI).

Flow of a mini power pack up to 9.6LPM(2.5GPM) ,normally use 6.3LPM(1.6Gallon/min)

-Know hydraulic fluid power system / hydraulic power unit system is a high pressure system that inherent ability to burn ,maim,or kill.And there also maybe have leakage floor and fell down someone.You must clean around if there was hydraulic oil leakage from hydraulic power pack/hydraulic manifold system.



High Pressure Oil Has Caused Person to Suffer Severe Eye Injury or Blindness.

If troubleshooting or replace hydraulic component can not be done safely,it is not worth doing at all!

MOST IMPORTANT:If you are not sure,ASK!

What is Hydraulics ?”It is the engineering science pertaining to liquid pressure and flow”

Hydraulic Fluid oil Safety
Advantages of Hydraulics

  • Easy of accuracy and control
  • Variable speed.
  • Multiplication of forces.
  • Constant force or torque.
  • Reversible
  • Absence of vibration.
  • Compact
  • Quiet operation.
  • Can be stalled.

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  • Summary
  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses when working on hydraulic systems.
  • DO NOT “Crack” connector to “check” for hydraulic pressure or flow.
  • DO NOT tighten connectors that are under pressure.
  • DO NOT disconnect transmission lines to check for flow.
  • DO NOT “fell” through couplings for electric motor rotation.
  • Only Trained personal could assembly,service,repair and trouble shooting.
  • Never back a pressure relief valve adjusting screw all the way out while there is pressure in the hydraulic system.Some pressure relief valve designs permit the entire assembly to come out of the valve body.

Read and understand all the safety instructions before installing,operating or trouble shooting with hydraulic systems.

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Das Hydraulikaggregat erzeugt einen Druck von bis zu 300 bar.

Unter Druck austretendes Hydrauliköl kann zu ernsthaften Verletzungen führen.

Prüfen Sie daher vor Wartungs-/Instandsetzungsarbeiten, dass die Leitungen drucklos sind.

                        Bedienung des Aggregates, sowie Wartungs-/Instandsetzungsarbeiten

                        dürfen nur durch qualifiziertes Personal durchgeführt werden.


This power unit contains a pump which is able to create a pressure up to 300 bar.

                        Oil leaking under pressure can cause serious injuries.

                               Before doing any kind of maintenance work we ask you to check if the unit is completely pressureless.

Operation of this power unit , as well as maintenance works, should only be done by qualified operators.


El grupo hidraulico produce una presion hasta 300 bar.

Aceite hidraulico saliendo bajo presion puede causar heridas graves.

                        Por esto es absolutamente necesario antes de hacer trabajos de servicio y/o trabajos de reparacion de controlar si hay

                        ninguna presion en todo el grupo.

                        Solo personal calificado es permitido de trabjar con el grupo y de hacer trabajos de servicio y/o de reparacion.


Le groupe hydraulique produit une pression jusqu’a 300 bar.

L’huile hydraulique que fuite sous pression peut causer de blessures graves.

                             Par consequent, il est absolument necessaire que le group entier est sans aucune pression.

                             Seul le personnel qualifie peut faire fonctionner le groupe et peut effectuer la maintenance et de reparation.


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