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  • Designing& Manufacturing Scissor Lift Hydraulic System
  • Engineering Both AC&DC Lift Power Units
  • Steel and Plastic Hydraulic Tanks Scissor Lift Pump Units

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Target professional team was driven by years of designing and manufacturing hydraulic pump unit systems, We are here to serve you and your customers better every new project.

Scissor Lift Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Lift Pump Designing

  • 2D&3D Software
  • DC&AC Hydraulic Pump Units
design mini hydraulic power pack with 3D software
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Valves Manufacturing


  • Flow Control Valves
  • Cartridge Check Valves
  • Relief valves
  • Directional Vales

Power Pack Manifold Production

  • Hydraulic manifold housing
  • power unit manifold endheads
  • casting central manifolds
Hydraulic Power Pack Manifold - manufacturer-Production
Power pack Assembly line

Small Hydraulic Power Pack Assembly


  • AC and DC hydraulic mini power packs
  • Power Pack Smaples and bulk orders



Your Professional Hydraulic Pump Pack Unit Manufacturer and Supplier!

mini power pack hydraulic system packing
mini hydraulic power pack packing-delivery-freight

Target Hydraulics can help you with your design and then become an existing hydraulic pump system product. We are glad to create something with you.

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Product Name Scissor Lift Hydraulic Pump
Lift Capacity  500 LBS (227 kg) — 1500 LBS (680 kg)
Remote control Buttons remote or Wireless Control
Motor DC12V DC24V DC36V, from 0.5kw up to4.5Kw
Gear Pump From 0.75cc/r to 8.0cc/r
Working Pressure 40bar up to 250bar,normally setting @180bar
Hydraulic Reservoir From 3L up to 100L
Flow L/M From 3L up to 25L
Mounting Horizontal/ vertical

Hydraulic Pump / Power Packs are essential mechanical parts for hydraulic scissor lift. Such lift are maneuverability with vehicles, can be controlled by electric, and normally play a role as aerial work platform to carry materials or people for aerial maintenance work.


Hydraulic Components-Hydraulic Power Pack Parts

Usually, the voltage of the battery pack is DC12V, DC24V, DC48V, and DC96V. In the case of identical current, larger the voltage of power source is, the higher power the scissors lift power unit can create, i.e. heavier load can be lifted to a higher position by the boom lift.

To control the movement of these hydraulic lifts, we use micro/mini hydraulic power packs. Power scissors lift power packs system require a powerful hydro power pack and battery pack to provide a continuous source of power for their mobile operations.


scissor lift batteries and power unit hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinder is also vital for hydraulic scissor lift table, which should be well matched with lift power unit. Commonly one, two, or three single-acting hydraulic cylinders are used for industrial scissors lifts.

hydraulic scissor lift-hydraulic pump motor

And the single acting hydraulic power unit drives the single-acting hydraulic cylinders for “Power Up, Gravity Down” function, therefore, by pressing a button, the scissor platform automatically lifts the weight up. Besides, the stroke of the boom lift cylinder determines the lifting height.

Target Hydraulics electric hydraulic power unit advantage :

  • Cost of small power unit more reasonable.
  • Fast Delivery
  • Low Noise
  • More Customized



Do you offer customized scissor lift hydraulic pump units?

Yes, Target hydraulics is a manufacturer of different hydraulic power pack pumps. So, we are glad to offer you customized scissor lift hydraulic pump products.

What is the motor range of your hydraulic power pump unit?

Target hydraulics offers you different electrical motors for your scissor hydraulic lift pump units. DC/AC motors from 0.37kw up to 7.5Kw. Some other customized motors range also avaiable.

How many types of hydraulic power pack parts do you offer?

Target Hydraulics offers you a wide range of hydraulic products. small and mini power units,hydraulic valves, manifold blocks and central block manifolds.

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