Single-Acting Hydraulic Units

Single-Acting Hydraulic Units Manufacturer in China

A single-acting power unit is a compact device used for generating the necessary hydraulic pressure to move a hydraulic cylinder in a single direction. These power units have only a power-up function. Therefore, using a pressurized hydraulic fluid, these power units can move the hydraulic cylinder in an outward direction. This is essential for applications where retraction is not crucial.

Target Hydraulics is a leading single-acting hydraulic unit manufacturer in China that offers a wide range of tank and flow rate options. You can also choose from a broad selection of pump sizes. Both standard and custom single-acting hydraulic units are available in our factory to meet your specific requirements. Send us your inquiries for a quotation.

Single-acting 24-volt DC Hydraulic Power Units

These single-acting hydraulic units are designed with 24V DC power, 2-button pendant, and easy to assemble components.

Single-acting 12-volt DC Hydraulic Power Units

We designed these single-acting hydraulic units with 12V DC, 1.4GPM, 3/8 NTPF port size, and 10QT steel tank size.

Solenoid-operated Single-acting Hydraulic Power Units

Target Hydraulics offers single-acting hydraulic units that is solenoid-operated, 1600w electric motor, and 255 Bar pressure rating.

10QT 12-volt DC Hydraulic Power Units

The 10QT 12-volt DC hydraulic units from Target Hydraulics are designed for dump trucks, wreckers, RVs, and more applications.

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Where to Use Single-Acting Hydraulic Power Units?

Our single-acting hydraulic power units are commonly used if you require hydraulic power necessary for extending an equipment’s cylinder in one direction. Common equipment that uses these power units include:

  • Dump trailers
  • Trailer ramps
  • Hydraulic leveler
  • Horse-float ramp
  • Tailgate loader

Available Spare

Our single-acting hydraulic power units are available with different spares such as:

  • DC motors
  • Start solenoids
  • Tank breather
  • Tank port plug
  • Dust cover

Technical Specifications

Action Single-acting/power-up
Tank 4L to 30L
Tank Construction Steel or Plastic
Pressure Rating 3000PSI
Motor 12V: 1.6kW

24V: 2.2kW

Pump 2.1cc
AddressDinghai Road 66#, Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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