Small Hydraulic power pack

DC MOTOR DC12V  800W,DC24V 800W
Hydraulic PUMP 0.5cc/r,0.75cc/r ,1cc/r
Hydraulic TANK 1L
Oil PORT M14X1.5,G1/4
Hydraulic PRESSURE 160bar


Small Hydraulic power pack for Electric Pallet Jack


pallet jack truck power pack

Small Hydraulic power pack for Electric Pallet Jack Descriptions:

This Small Hydraulic power pack( hydraulic power unit ,HPU)consists hydraulic components of gear pump, DC motor,
central manifold,cartridge valves,hydraulic tank reservoir ect.This power
unit suit with power up / gravity down actions.Single Acting hydraulic lift system .The lowering speed is
adjusted by regulator pressure compensated flow
control valve in‐line.

Target Hydraulics mini and Small Hydraulic power pack for material handling equipment are widely used for Electric Pallet Jack, Electric stacker , forklift ,electric pallet truck and lift truck.

Our small and mini packs design from compact size and low noise.





DC Hydraulic pump power goods up with high pressure oil in hydraulic cylinder.DC mini power pack motor power come from 0.5W up to 4Kw for many materials handling equipment to finish material handling solutions .

Some of Electric stacker forklift hydraulic power unit can speed up if forklift down without load. Because there was  two normally closed solenoid cartridge valve design and  assembly in hydraulic central manifold blocks.

 Hydraulic Mini Power Pack
Hydraulic Small Power Unit

Electric Pallet Jack-mini power pack


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