High-Efficiency Telescopic Cylinder for Your Projects

Comes in a compact package, our telescopic cylinders can provide high performance for different applications. These are available in various configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

Telescopic hydraulic or multi-stage cylinders comprise several nested tubes of decreasing size, known as sleeves. The largest tube or main barrel extends first when hydraulic pressure is applied. Once it is fully extended, the next tube begins to extend, and this process continues until all stages are extended, ending with the final segment called plunger.

At Target Hydraulics, we offer both single-acting and double-acting telescopic cylinders. We offer these cylinders in a variety of plunger diameter and stroke lengths. You can also from different pressure rating up to 3000PSI. Target Hydraulics manufactures these cylinders using DOM high-strength tubing. Thus, ensuring you durability and reliability.  Various end mounting options are also available to meet your requirements. Request a quote today!

Our Diverse Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Solution


  • Single Acting
    Single Acting

    These cylinders are manufactured with the simplest telescopic design. These cylinders use hydraulic pressure to extend. It also retracts by using gravity or other external forces when there is no more hydraulic pressure.

  • Double Acting

    Both retraction and extension of these cylinders are caused by hydraulic pressure. It features additional sealing and complex designs compared to single-acting. These cylinders have machined passageways to ensure proper staging.

  • Single/Double Combination

    Target Hydraulics offers telescopic hydraulic cylinders designed with single and double acting functions. These are commonly used for drilling rigs with mast raising design.

Choose by Moving Stages

  • 2-Stage

    We offer a 2-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder with a double-acting function. It can operate up to a 150 bar pressure rating and 0.5 meter/second speed.

  • 3-Stage

    Target Hydraulics manufactures these cylinders with single-acting functions, wide operating temperatures, different mounting options, and operating speeds.

  • 4-Stage

    Our 4-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders feature long strokes, up to 5000PSI working pressure ratings, single or double acting, and mounting options.

  • 5-Stage

    We designed 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders with self-bleeding function, less oil, pre-loaded V-packing, and longer bearing length.

  • 6-Stage

    Our 6-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinders feature 1800mm stroke, up to 2300PSI working pressure, and a wide range of mounting options.

Advantages of Our Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder


Our telescopic hydraulic cylinders are designed with a compact structure. Thus, it can fit in any application with small and confined spaces.


We designed these cylinders with maximum versatility, allowing them to meet various angle requirements. Thus, making it ideal for hydraulic-powered bed vehicles.

Constant Speed
Constant Speed

Our telescopic cylinders are designed with different configurations. Thus, allowing its moving stages to deliver constant speed during the retracting or expanding process.

Long Stroke

You can be assured that our telescopic cylinders have 20 to 40% long stroke. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Main Features

  • Up to 40 feet stroke lengths
  • 20-inch barrel
  • Optional machine piston
  • Comes with integrated valves
  • Custom port location, size, and type
  • End mounts such as custom bushing, clevis, trunnion, drilled hole, and more
  • Carbon steel and other alternative rod materials
  • Threaded gland
  • Wide range of barrel tube coatings

Custom Telescopic Cylinders for Your Applications

Target Hydraulics offers custom telescopic hydraulic cylinders specifically tailored to your unique requirements and applications such as:

  • Dump trucks
  • Transfer trailers
  • Garbage trucks
  • Construction equipments
  • Agricultural equipment

Why Choose Target Hydraulics as Your Custom Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturer

Target Hydraulics has over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing telescopic cylinders. We have a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians, ensuring that every telescopic cylinder meets the highest standard. As a professional manufacturer, we understand that every application is unique. Thus, we provide fully customized telescopic cylinders according to your specifications such as size, stroke length, materials, and other additional features. Target Hydraulics also aims to satisfy your needs by offering comprehensive support, excellent services, and competitive pricing. Choose Target Hydraulics as your telescopic cylinder supplier!

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