Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders Benefits

What is Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder?

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are distinctly known for their multiple sleeves. Usually, these sleeves have varying dimensions, which vary from the biggest to smallest.

The widest cylinder is the barrel while the smallest is the plunger, in between are sleeves or stages. In most cases, the hydraulic cylinders extend from the barrel all the way to the plunger in a progressive manner.

Although sleeves are mostly restricted to 6 due to stability, there are times where you can have more. Interestingly, the cylinder functions by first elongating the barrel to its maximum then the next sleeve all the way to the plunger.

Benefits of Telescopic Cylinders based on Action

Single-acting Cylinder: Also referred as unidirectional cylinder is less complex of the two types of cylinders. It uses hydraulic pressure to achieve the lengthy stroke but collapse back on gravitational pull or load weight.

Hydraulic pressure helps extend the cylinder to a specific angle and allow the content to be emptied. Retraction of the extended stroke is dependent on gravity, or the emptied load weight. This type of cylinder is common with construction vehicles such as tippers or garbage collection trucks.

Double-acting cylinder: Known for its complex design, hydraulic pressure expands and collapses the cylinder.

It has hydraulic seals at each cylinder stage. During retraction, the oil passage opens to supply pressurized fluid to aid in consecutive retractions. This process repeats itself till the cylinder is completed retracted.

They are efficient in their output and quite expensive compared to single-acting cylinders. They are mostly custom made due to their uniqueness and can be found in roll-on/roll-off truck.

Benefits of Telescopic Cylinders based on Action
General Advantages of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

General Advantages of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

You can use telescopic hydraulic cylinder due to the following reasons;

  • Occupy Less Space: Their compact and small size makes them a perfect choice where space is limited. But even with the small design, they offer longer strokes. As a result, it is perfect for restricted spaces.
  • Easier to achieve Specific Angle Requirements: A tipper used in transporting loose and bulk materials needs to be tilted to a certain gradient to empty its content. This is possible when the tipper is fitted with hydraulic cylinder.
  • Available in Single or Acting Design: These hydraulic cylinders can operate in either unidirectional or in two-way. The option you choose depends on the nature of your work. A combination of both is effective and offer maximum output.
  • Offer Longer Stroke: Another critical aspect is the length of stroke when in extended phase. This is not common with other types of cylinders.
  • Consistent Force and Speed: Some cylinders are unique in their operations and can therefore expand and collapse the sleeves concurrently. As a result, they are able to achieve steady power and speed performance.
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