Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

What is Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders?

Also known as pneumatic, or multi-stage cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders mostly come with a pulley system that will offer you very long outer travel from a drawn-back length that is minute.

Parts of Telescopic Cylinders for Hydraulic Systems

Below are the parts of these cylinders:

The Piston

This part does its job by pushing in more force required by the cylinder to do its work. By dividing pressure zones within the cylinder barrel, work is initiated as the right linear movement and power are generated.

Clevis or the Cylinder Cap
Clevis or the Cylinder Cap

The clevis is mostly that part that is mounted. This mounting alternative is connected to the cylinder cap. Due to this, the barrel pressure is kept within.

Cylinder Head or End Cap
Cylinder Head or End Cap

This part is always working alongside cylinder caps to prevent force or pressure from coming out.

Piston Rods
Piston Rods

Piston rods are responsible for transferring force onto pistons. This part makes the cylinder smooth to use by keeping it stable all the time.


The ports of these cylinders handle the flow of hydraulic liquid to and fro. You should know that these cylinders have a number of ports, so they work perfectly without issues of harmful leakages.

Cylinder Barrel

These barrels take in all pressure to ensure smooth operation of the equipment. They also work by holding all other elements of the cylinder together to work as one.

Glands or Seal Glands

These parts in these cylinders ensure fluid leakages are prevented and pressure is maintained.


Anytime the piston is in operation, it is easy for liquid to sip out. This part ensures that doesn’t happen.

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Advantages of Telescopic Cylinders

Here are a list of its major advantages:

· Space Saving

If you have a space that is not so big, these hydraulic cylinders are ideal to own. This is because they are designed not to take up a lot of space but to provide a stroke that is long.

· Meets the need for Different Angles

If you tend to use cars (garbage trucks) that are built to have a hydraulic powered bed, you will love using these cylinders. These trucks require specific angles to be met that you can easily use them to achieve.

Single or Double Acting

You can easily use these cylinders for single or double acting, or the two can be added.

  • You can use it in constant-speed or force applications.
  • You will find these cylinders with long strokes. It works just like a telescope does.
  • It is easy for you to maintain.
  • You will not experience complications operating them.

Types of Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Single Acting

With this type, pressure is needed for it to push forward or extend. Also, instead of getting retracted when there is much pressure, it rather retracts when there is external or outer pressure, like when gravity makes it difficult for the cylinder to extend.

You can use this type of cylinder for practical applications. This is because they have a simple design. Even as this equipment requires oil to make retraction possible, retraction will not take place unless all pressure is no more.

Double Acting

Here, pressurized liquid in two different chambers is used to make the piston work. Due to how they work, they are perfect for projects where external forces like gravity cannot be relied on for cylinders to be retracted. You will find these types used in water control systems, manufacturing, and construction equipment.

Single/Double Acting Combination
Single/Double Acting Combination

These cylinders only give some part of the stroke retracted force; the rest is retracted by gravity. Due to this, most parts or stages act alone, which keeps its design simple and cuts down on total cost.

Constant Thrust and Constant Speed
Constant Thrust and Constant Speed

This type of cylinder, has been designed uniquely to ensure each moving part extends with ease and smoothly. This leads to a continuous thrust and speed as the stroke extends and retracts.

Common Applications

Dump or Trash Trucks
Dump or Trash Trucks

For the unloading of the dump, these trucks are supposed to reach 60°. With this application, the single acting type helps in reaching vertical movements with horizontal movements achieved also using the double acting type. Both working to achieve all ideal angles.

Construction Equipment

You can have these cylinders fitted into equipment for construction. Cranes for moving heavy loads can be horizontally extended, with digging vehicles even benefiting from these cylinders.

Oil Rig
Oil Rig

You can use these cylinders in these settings for oil exploration. More than one type of cylinder is used in these settings. Also, you will find them worth it due to how convenient they are to use, even in small spaces.

  • Transfer trailer.
  • Industrial mobile vehicles.
  • Agricultural equipment, etc.
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